• 04.05.2015, Monday
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'...' icin .. kayit bulundu

LDPE prices gain premium on tightness in China

Players in China continue to report tight availability for PE products, particularly for LDPE, this week while rising ethylene costs contribute to the strong picture. Demand is mainly directed towards local materials as they still form a competitive edge against rising import prices...

Polymer Digest

PP  30 Apr -   PP prices gain ground on persistent supply tightness

PVC  29 Apr -   PVC sellers mulling fresh hikes on firm ethylene

PE  30 Apr -   More Middle Eastern producers lift May PE prices to SEA

PS  24 Apr -   PS sellers implement three digit price hikes in SEA

ABS  27 Apr -   ABS prices jump higher as styrene continues to rise

PET  24 Apr -   Import PET prices reach highest levels seen since Dec

Monomer Markets