• 23.10.2014, Thursday
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'...' icin .. kayit bulundu

Coal based capacities weigh down more on PP than HDPE in China

Since the downturn that kicked off in early September in China until now, domestic PP prices have lost around $120/ton on average whereas the downward trend for HDPE started later and recorded a smaller loss of $...

Polymer Digest

PP  21 Oct -   Initial Nov PP prices announced lower to SEA

PVC  22 Oct -   Import PVC prices for November announced lower in SEA

PE  16 Oct -   Regional producers step back on their Oct PE prices

PS  17 Oct -   Import PS price decline as upstream costs retreat

ABS  20 Oct -   More ABS sellers implement price reductions to SEA

PET  17 Oct -   PET prices continue to slide in SEA

Monomer Markets