• 23.04.2014, Wednesday
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Italy’s plastics market sees positive growth in 2013

According to the full year import statistics for 2013, Italy’s plastics market saw positive growth last year following two straight years of contraction. However, the trend varied significantly amongst products, with several still contracting and others booming. PET clearly contributed positively with import growth of 32% year over year, while PS saw the fastest rate of contraction at negative 9%. HDPE and LLDPE imports grew, but LDPE continued to lag behind the other PE products...

Polymer Digest

PP  22 Apr -   Local PP prices gain ground in Vietnam, Indonesia

PVC  16 Apr -   Import PVC demand picks up in India

PE  17 Apr -   Initial import PE prices for May announced higher

PS  18 Apr -   PS buyers keeping to the sidelines in SEA

ABS  21 Apr -   Import ABS deals concluded with discounts in SEA

PET  18 Apr -   PET prices show signs of stabilizing in SEA

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