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'...' icin .. kayit bulundu

European PE sellers intend to keep Nov drops in check

The bearish expectations for new ethylene contracts in Europe stemming from lower naphtha costs and hampered activity cast a clear shadow on the PE outlook, however, PE sellers have made it clear that they intend to put a cap on price drops citing supply conditions, particularly for HDPE...

Polymer Digest

PP  21 Oct -   Initial Nov PP prices announced lower to SEA

PVC  22 Oct -   Import PVC prices for November announced lower in SEA

PE  23 Oct -   SE Asian producers pioneer Nov price reductions

PS  24 Oct -   PS buyers remain sidelined in hopes of further decreases

ABS  20 Oct -   More ABS sellers implement price reductions to SEA

PET  24 Oct -   Are PET prices nearing the bottom in SEA?

Monomer Markets