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Serving 70,000 companies and 100,000 professionals since 2001, ChemOrbis' services; Market Information, Analysis Tools, Conferences and Buy/Sell Requests are designed to deliver its promises under highly volatile market conditions. Thanks to its offices located at spot markets, ChemOrbis covers Far & South East Asian, Italian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, North&West African and NorthWest European markets on a daily basis, providing up-to-date and accurate market reports, concise weekly analysis, price indexes and the most recent industry news. ChemOrbis provides a global marketplace where verified member companies can execute their sourcing and selling strategies by reaching refined potential business partners at the right time. ChemOrbis also organizes global petrochemicals conferences and workshops in Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia where participants can learn latest developments & trends from industry experts while networking with business partners.

In today's plastics industry, how do you fight against market volatility?
Plastics prices are determined primarily by the Supply-Demand balance. Prices are volatile because the factors affecting supply and demand are often unknown, hard to predict and subject to change at any moment.
You will win this fight only if you;
  • # Buy & sell at the right time by staying on top of the most recent global market developments
  • # Negotiate smarter by knowing the most up-to-date market prices & trends
  • # Capture arbitrage opportunities by accessing all markets timely
  • # Expand your supplier & buyer network
How does ChemOrbis help you with all that? ChemOrbis enables plastics industry buyers, sellers and producers make winning buy/sell decisions and connections.
ChemOrbis services are designed to deliver its promises under highly volatile market conditions:
  • Accessible 24x7
  • Updated daily
  • Covering all key spot markets in depth
  • Allowing across region comparisons
  • Offering tools to analyze prices and trends over time
  • Connecting business partners in different markets

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