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Egypt’s OPC announces Nov PP offers to local market

  • 14.11.2019

Qatar Petroleum announces start-up of new refinery in Egypt

  • 12.11.2019

African PE markets hit historical lows on greater competition from US supply

  • 12.11.2019

Import and local PP, PE prices for Nov announced in Nigeria, Kenya

  • 05.11.2019

Egypt’s ETHYDCO, SIDPEC announce Nov PE prices to local market

  • 04.11.2019

Egypt’s TCI Sanmar reveals H2 October PVC offers

  • 23.10.2019

Egyptian EPC’s plant in maintenance, H2 Oct PVC offers flat

  • 16.10.2019

Libyan Ras Lanuf resumes production at PE plant

  • 10.10.2019

African PP, PE markets start Q4 in limbo amid varying pricing policies

  • 09.10.2019

Saudi producers reveal Oct PP, PE prices in North Africa

  • 04.10.2019

Thai Indorama completes acquisition of Nigerian packaging business

  • 03.10.2019

Import and local PP, PE prices for Oct announced in Nigeria

  • 01.10.2019

Honeywell wins contract for new PP unit in Algeria

  • 11.09.2019

Egyptian PS producer E-Styrenics prepares to restart production

  • 09.09.2019

Saudi major globally applies significant drops on PE for Sept

  • 06.09.2019

September PP, PE offers announced lower in N. Africa, East Med

  • 05.09.2019

PP, PE prices in Mid-East and Africa set to remain weak until end of Q3

  • 03.09.2019

Nigeria’s ELEME announces PP, PE offers for September

  • 02.09.2019

Egypt’s ETHYDCO, SIDPEC announce Sept PE prices to local market

  • 02.09.2019

LyondellBasell wins contract for new JV project in Algeria

  • 09.08.2019

Saudi major announces Aug PP, PE offers to Algeria

  • 05.08.2019

Saudi major announces Aug PP, PE offers to Morocco

  • 01.08.2019

Import PP, PE prices for Aug announced in Nigeria, Kenya

  • 01.08.2019

SCE Chemicals to build new chlor-alkali plant in Morocco

  • 10.07.2019

Nigeria signs continental free trade agreement

  • 09.07.2019

150 record found.
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