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India's central bank cuts rates

  • 27.03.2020

G20 leaders to inject $5 trillion into global economy

  • 27.03.2020

India reveals $22.6 billion stimulus plan to ease impact of COVID-19

  • 27.03.2020

US PE pioneers aggressive prices globally, responding to energy slump

  • 27.03.2020

Asian PS markets fall to lowest in more than a decade, ABS hits 4-year low

  • 26.03.2020

India goes under complete lockdown, some ports reportedly declare force majeure

  • 25.03.2020

India Reliance aims to produce 100,000 masks per day

  • 25.03.2020

Where will global PP prices head after crude saw 18 year-lows? Any clue from past?

  • 25.03.2020

India’s local PVC market falls to 11-month low on fading demand

  • 20.03.2020

Indian producer cuts local PVC offers

  • 18.03.2020

Taiwanese major’s Apr pricing sends PVC markets to 11-month low in China, India

  • 18.03.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces April PVC prices to Asia

  • 17.03.2020

Global PP, PE prices yet to reflect plunge in crude oil futures

  • 13.03.2020

India’s total PVC imports hit record-high in 2019

  • 11.03.2020

Expectations for April PVC announcement voiced in Asia

  • 10.03.2020

India imposes ADD on CPVC from China, S.Korea

  • 10.03.2020

US Vinmar invests in Indian recycling company

  • 06.03.2020

Traders fear shipment delays could cut PVC availability in India

  • 03.03.2020

Asia’s firm PVC sentiment shows signs of faltering amid competitive Chinese offers

  • 27.02.2020

Moody’s: India HMEL borrowings up on petrochemical expansion

  • 26.02.2020

Mexican PVC offered to India amid tight supply

  • 24.02.2020

Plastic and polymer events delayed in Asia amid virus fears

  • 18.02.2020

South Korean producer lifts March PVC offers to India

  • 18.02.2020

Softening trend prevails in SEA PP market as virus fears dampen sentiment

  • 13.02.2020

Firm PVC expectations for March lose steam in India

  • 11.02.2020

856 record found.
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