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JG Summit in restart process at PE, PP units in Philippines

  • 24.01.2020

Mid-Eastern producer announces Feb PE prices to SE Asia

  • 22.01.2020

Trader increases local PPH prices in Philippines

  • 20.01.2020

SEA PVC markets may hold firm despite holiday lull

  • 14.01.2020

Trader lifts local LLDPE, HDPE prices in Philippines

  • 13.01.2020

ASEAN manufacturing deteriorates at slowest pace in 7 months

  • 02.01.2020

Rising supply dents Jan PE outlook in Philippines as prices plunge to 11-year low

  • 05.12.2019

Local PP prices lose further ground in Philippines

  • 04.12.2019

Philippines JG Summit’s PP, PE units to restart by mid-Dec

  • 04.12.2019

PET markets in Asia resume downtrend after short break

  • 03.12.2019

Operating conditions in ASEAN continue to deteriorate in Nov

  • 02.12.2019

Will stabilizing styrene support PS prices in Asia?

  • 29.11.2019

US origin HDPE, LLDPE break $20-30/ton below $800/ton threshold in SEA

  • 22.11.2019

Asia PET markets stay soft as supplies accumulate amid seasonal lull

  • 21.11.2019

Philippines PP market unfazed by reduced domestic supply

  • 15.11.2019

SE Asia’s import homo-PP market sinks to 3-and-a-half year low

  • 14.11.2019

World’s largest trade deal may be signed in 2020

  • 13.11.2019

ASEAN manufacturing growth drops to near 4-year-low in October

  • 04.11.2019

Philippines JG Summit PP unit to restart early Nov

  • 22.10.2019

Philippine Polypropylene extends turnaround, JG Summit starts shutdown

  • 02.10.2019

SEA PS market under pressure of cargoes from China during holidays

  • 02.10.2019

ASEAN manufacturing deteriorates for 4th straight month in September

  • 01.10.2019

Philippine Polypropylene plans to restart PP unit after unexpected outage

  • 24.09.2019

Indonesian and Thai producers reveal Oct PVC prices to SEA

  • 23.09.2019

ASEAN manufacturing sector continues to contract in August

  • 03.09.2019

701 record found.
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