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Production News: CPC-Taiwan - Taiwan

  • 13.09.2021

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major applies sharp hikes on Oct PVC prices to Asia

  • 13.09.2021

Asian ethylene, propylene firmly in contango on renewed China demand, Hyosung PDH outage

  • 08.09.2021

Asian ethylene, propylene extend gains on renewed demand, China plant turnarounds

  • 01.09.2021

Asian ethylene falls for 3rd straight week; propylene holds steady

  • 18.08.2021

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major hikes Sep PVC prices to Asia

  • 17.08.2021

Asian ethylene slides further; propylene pivots on East-to-West arbitrage

  • 11.08.2021

Asian ethylene, propylene flip into backwardation on demand concerns

  • 04.08.2021

Production News: FPC - Northeast Asia - PP | PE

  • 15.07.2021

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major applies moderate decreases on Aug PVC offers to Asia

  • 13.07.2021

Asian ethylene, propylene extend gains on bullish crude, renewed demand

  • 06.07.2021

Crude rally keeps Asian PET bottle markets buoyant

  • 06.07.2021

Asian ethylene, propylene reverse losses on demand recovery, GS Caltex plant issues

  • 29.06.2021

Production News: FPC - Northeast Asia - PVC

  • 29.06.2021

Asian ethylene, propylene lose further momentum; falls stretch to 6th week

  • 23.06.2021

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major cuts July PVC offers to Asia as expected

  • 21.06.2021

Asia PVC markets expect Taiwanese major’s July offers to fall

  • 18.06.2021

Production News: FPC - Northeast Asia - PE

  • 17.06.2021

Asian ethylene, propylene stay entrenched in bear market

  • 16.06.2021

Production News: Kaofu Chemical - Northeast Asia - PS

  • 14.06.2021

Asian ethylene and propylene slide into steeper backwardation on demand, oversupply

  • 10.06.2021

Asian polymer markets unfazed by crude oil rally

  • 04.06.2021

Asian ethylene and propylene extend losses; bullish crude may cap downside

  • 02.06.2021

Asia PVC markets decline to 3-month low as downturn fueled by June announcements

  • 27.05.2021

Asian propylene steady; ethylene slides further on lengthening supply

  • 26.05.2021

541 record found.
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