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Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics shuts styrene units

  • 28.05.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces June PVC prices to Asia

  • 19.05.2020

BREAKING NEWS: Explosion at Formosa’s PP storage tank in Taiwan

  • 15.05.2020

Taiwan’s Chi Mei to terminate PS production

  • 11.05.2020

Explosion at Taiwan VCM Corp plant

  • 23.04.2020

Gap between PET prices on FOB China and FOB S Korea/Taiwan shrinks

  • 22.04.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces May PVC prices to Asia

  • 20.04.2020

Taiwan's Formosa Plastics Corp Q1 pretax profit down sharply

  • 14.04.2020

Taiwanese PVC offers show up in Turkey

  • 17.03.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces April PVC prices to Asia

  • 17.03.2020

China's polymer futures track stocks plunge after COVID-19 declared a pandemic

  • 12.03.2020

UPDATE: Oil, COVID-19 fears send Asian stock markets tumbling

  • 09.03.2020

PET bottle prices from China, Taiwan see fresh drops amid oil slump

  • 09.03.2020

Kaofu Chemical plans maintenance at PS lines in Taiwan

  • 14.02.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces Feb PVC prices to Asia

  • 07.01.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces January PVC prices to Asia

  • 16.12.2019

World’s largest trade deal may be signed in 2020

  • 13.11.2019

South Korean producer announces Dec PVC offers to India

  • 12.11.2019

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces December PVC prices to Asia

  • 12.11.2019

China lifts antidumping duties on PVC imports from four countries

  • 30.10.2019

Asia PS, ABS markets under pressure from multi-year low styrene

  • 18.10.2019

Taiwanese major sells out Nov PVC quota to India ahead of Diwali

  • 16.10.2019

Will Taiwanese major’s Nov PVC offers for China and India differ?

  • 09.10.2019

Will Taiwanese major roll over November PVC offers?

  • 08.10.2019

CGPC readies to shut PVC line in Taiwan

  • 30.09.2019

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