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Taiwan CPC faces fine for air pollution

  • 21.10.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major hikes Nov PVC prices to Asia

  • 13.10.2020

Back-to-back US hurricanes keep Asia PVC starved, can markets absorb further hikes?

  • 12.10.2020

Ethylene prices look for direction in Asia

  • 08.10.2020

Asian propylene stands at a year-high, what lies ahead?

  • 08.10.2020

FPC’s PVC turnaround in Taiwan to run till end-Sep

  • 21.09.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major applies 3-digit hikes on Oct PVC offers to Asia

  • 15.09.2020

Asian markets expect 3-digit increases in Oct PVC offers

  • 14.09.2020

Asia expects higher October PVC offers amid tighter supply

  • 01.09.2020

USITC maintains ADD on PET imports from India, Taiwan

  • 28.08.2020

A global review of polymer trade performance in H1 amid pandemic

  • 27.08.2020

Formosa Plastics declares force majeure on US PVC

  • 17.08.2020

Asian PVC prices poised to track Taiwanese major’s Sept offers higher

  • 12.08.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major ups Sep PVC offers to Asia

  • 11.08.2020

Taiwan rolls out $7 billion stimulus package

  • 23.07.2020

Taiwan’s export orders exceed expectations in June

  • 20.07.2020

Fire breaks out at Formosa’s refinery in Taiwan

  • 15.07.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces August PVC prices to Asia

  • 14.07.2020

ASEAN manufacturing PMI rises to 4 month-high in June

  • 01.07.2020

Kaofu Chemical restarts PS lines in Taiwan

  • 18.06.2020

India may impose anti-dumping duties on PS from 6 countries

  • 16.06.2020

Hikes in Asia July PVC offers baffle some buyers, further rally under discussion

  • 16.06.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces July PVC offers to Asia

  • 09.06.2020

CPC, Pertamina sign deal for new petchem complex in Indonesia

  • 08.06.2020

Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics shuts styrene units

  • 28.05.2020

485 record found.
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