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Freight-driven hikes in import PE prices push local markets up in Indonesia, Vietnam

  • 02.12.2020

ASEAN manufacturing PMI ends 8-month long downturn in Nov

  • 01.12.2020

Rising energy and feedstock prices prompt further gains in Asia PET markets

  • 26.11.2020

Styrene correction tempers PS upside in Asia

  • 23.11.2020

Vietnamese producer lifts local PVC offers for December

  • 23.11.2020

Global polymer markets face soaring freights amid pent-up demand

  • 20.11.2020

RCEP to boost Asia-Pacific polymer trade; will global PP, PE trade flows change?

  • 19.11.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major lifts Dec PVC prices to Asia

  • 16.11.2020

China, Asia-Pacific countries sign world’s largest trade deal

  • 16.11.2020

Asian PVC players brace for 7th straight monthly hike in Taiwanese major’s delayed Dec offers

  • 11.11.2020

Olefin sentiment improves in Asia, backwardation for ethylene flattens out

  • 10.11.2020

Asian PS markets fueled by styrene spike, tight supply

  • 09.11.2020

Bullish sentiment for PE cools off across globe, LD remains resilient

  • 09.11.2020

Asian ethylene, propylene take respite from falls on LG fire, yet backwardation still there

  • 06.11.2020

Overseas PP producers’ focus shifts to SE Asia as Chinese demand fades

  • 04.11.2020

Rains slow Vietnam’s PVC, PET appetite

  • 03.11.2020

Manufacturing sector in ASEAN maintains downturn in Oct

  • 03.11.2020

Uptrend in Asian ABS markets takes a pause despite tightness, styrene

  • 02.11.2020

IMF downgrades 2020 economic forecast for Asia-Pacific

  • 22.10.2020

Asian ethylene heads south, propylene yet to follow

  • 22.10.2020

Vietnamese producer raises local PVC offers for November

  • 21.10.2020

Vietnam Binh Son Q3 profit estimated at around $7.4 million

  • 20.10.2020

Asian ABS markets see fresh round of steep hikes on unexpected plant issues

  • 16.10.2020

Hyosung to restart PP plant in Vietnam next week

  • 16.10.2020

PPH raffia hits 1-year high in Southeast Asia

  • 16.10.2020

1164 record found.
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