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Tepid demand weighs on local PP prices in Indonesia, Vietnam; tightness supports PE

  • 13.08.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major ups Sep PVC offers to Asia

  • 11.08.2020

Vietnam’s import PE market yields to fading demand

  • 05.08.2020

Downturn in ASEAN manufacturing conditions falters in July

  • 04.08.2020

COVID-19 resurgence weighs on polymer sentiment in Vietnam

  • 31.07.2020

Vietnamese producer lifts local PVC offers for Aug

  • 27.07.2020

Vietnam’s Binh Son Refining slips to H1 loss

  • 24.07.2020

Import PE markets give softening signals in China, SE Asia

  • 24.07.2020

SEA PE uptrend intact, yet increases capped by reduced demand

  • 16.07.2020

SEA producer announces Aug PVC offers to regional markets and China

  • 15.07.2020

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major announces August PVC prices to Asia

  • 14.07.2020

SEA HIPS uptrend faces pressure after recent gains

  • 06.07.2020

Supply constraints spark stronger PE trend than PP in global markets

  • 03.07.2020

ASEAN manufacturing PMI rises to 4 month-high in June

  • 01.07.2020

Rainy season subdues PVC demand in Vietnam

  • 30.06.2020

Vietnam’s Q2 economic growth slows on COVID-19 impact

  • 30.06.2020

Asian PVC sees V-shaped recovery in Q2, what will Q3 bring?

  • 25.06.2020

Initial July PE offers from Mid-East revealed in Vietnam

  • 23.06.2020

Southeast Asia PS demand lags China

  • 22.06.2020

Vietnamese producer applies sizable hikes on local PVC offers for July

  • 22.06.2020

PE buyers’ resistance grows in SEA; duty-free origins more competitive than Mid-East

  • 22.06.2020

ADB lowers emerging Asia’s 2020 growth forecast to 0.1%

  • 18.06.2020

Hikes in Asia July PVC offers baffle some buyers, further rally under discussion

  • 16.06.2020

Firming trend of PS lags behind ABS in Asia; price gap widens

  • 12.06.2020

Ethylene prices move above HDPE, LLDPE in China; delta shrinks in SEA

  • 11.06.2020

1113 record found.
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