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Saudi Arabia pledges net-zero carbon emissions by 2060

  • 25.10.2021

GPCA to host 4th Responsible Care Conference in Saudi Arabia

  • 11.10.2021

Saudi major opts for firm Oct pricing in both local and export polyolefin markets

  • 06.10.2021

SABIC signs distribution agreement with PetroRabigh

  • 04.10.2021

Saudi producers announce October PP, PE prices to local market

  • 30.09.2021

Freight Rate Update

  • 29.09.2021

Saudi Industrial Investment to fully acquire National Petrochemical Co

  • 28.09.2021

SABIC, Microsoft collaborate to convert ocean plastic into computer mouse

  • 27.09.2021

GPCA Conference highlights crucial role of agri-nutrients for food security

  • 17.09.2021

GPCA to host 11th Agri-Nutrients Conference in September

  • 08.09.2021

Saudi major announces September PP, PE prices to local market

  • 31.08.2021

Saudi Aramco in advanced talks for Reliance deal

  • 16.08.2021

Saudi petchem operations hindered on disrupted ethane supply from Aramco

  • 13.08.2021

Global oil and petchem companies deliver record high Q2 results

  • 12.08.2021

Saudi suppliers announce August PP, PE prices to local market

  • 02.08.2021

Saudi Advanced’s net profit sharply increases in Q2

  • 07.07.2021

Downtrend continues into July in Mid-Eastern PP, PE markets

  • 06.07.2021

Saudi major announces July PP, PE prices to local market

  • 28.06.2021

Saudi suppliers announce June PE, PP offers in Jordan

  • 08.06.2021

Saudi Aramco hires banks for inaugural bond sale

  • 07.06.2021

June PE offers announced in South Africa

  • 04.06.2021

Weakness extends to June in Saudi Arabian PP, PE markets

  • 01.06.2021

Speakers at 12th GPCA Conference underline collaboration as key for resilient supply chains

  • 31.05.2021

Saudi major announces June PP, PE prices to local market

  • 31.05.2021

GPCA to host 12th Supply Chain Conference virtually in late May

  • 21.05.2021

3047 record found.
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