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Europe’s PE markets under pressure from rising supplies

  • 17.01.2022

Non-EU PE origins emerge with drops in Europe

  • 14.01.2022

PP demand fares better than PE in Turkey

  • 14.01.2022

China import PE markets portray a cautious firming

  • 13.01.2022

SE Asian PP, PE markets look for direction amid tepid demand, rising freights

  • 10.01.2022

Turkey’s PP and PE markets start 2022 on opposite tracks

  • 07.01.2022

European PP, PE markets quiet on verge of official Jan announcements

  • 05.01.2022

Stats: Turkey’s PP, PE imports on track for record-setting year

  • 04.01.2022

LATEST NEWS: China's Nov total polymer imports rise nearly 13% on month

  • 03.01.2022

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s Nov polymer imports soar on month and year

  • 03.01.2022

Major producers’ polyolefin inventories in China continue to fall week on week

  • 31.12.2021

Turkey’s PE markets retain downtrend as 2021 ends

  • 31.12.2021

Production News: BASF-YPC Co. - China

  • 30.12.2021

Production News: Sinopec Maoming PC - Northeast Asia - PE

  • 30.12.2021

Asian PP, PE markets to start 2022 on a bearish note

  • 30.12.2021

Malaysian producer lowers Jan PP, PE prices to local market

  • 29.12.2021

LATEST NEWS: Saudi major announces Jan PE, PP offers to China

  • 29.12.2021

Indonesian producer notifies mixed local pricing for PP, PE

  • 27.12.2021

LDPE film at/above $1500 CIF fades away in China

  • 24.12.2021

Competition set to heat up in European PE markets in 2022

  • 23.12.2021

Europe’s PE market stuck between higher costs, muted demand

  • 22.12.2021

PE, PP bearishness to continue into January for SEA imports

  • 22.12.2021

LATEST NEWS: SE Asian producer lowers Jan PP, PE prices to Indonesia

  • 21.12.2021

Return of US PE pressurized prices in global markets

  • 20.12.2021

Production News: Dow Benelux - Europe - PP | PE

  • 17.12.2021

2970 record found.
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