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Equipolymers, JBF RAK plan PET turnarounds in Europe

  • 17.09.2021

Low availability prompts hikes in Europe’s PET markets

  • 13.09.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s July polymer imports slump on month, year

  • 31.08.2021

Weekly Market Drivers for the USA

  • 30.08.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s June polymer imports recede on month and year

  • 30.07.2021

Oil plunge weighs on PET bottle sentiment in Asia, Europe

  • 21.07.2021

Asian PET markets in limbo between high costs and tepid demand

  • 16.07.2021

European suppliers aim for PET bottle hikes amid firming imports

  • 12.07.2021

Crude rally keeps Asian PET bottle markets buoyant

  • 06.07.2021

STATS: Turkey’s polymer imports from China hit all-time high in May

  • 01.07.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s May polymer imports down on month, up on year

  • 30.06.2021

Firmer crude and feedstock prices lift Asian PET despite slow demand

  • 30.06.2021

Import PET bottle prices hit 3-month high in Egypt

  • 11.06.2021

Stats: Total polymer imports to EU27 up on month, quarter in Q1

  • 31.05.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s April polymer imports down on month, up on year

  • 31.05.2021

Low demand keeps China, Korea PET prices under pressure

  • 26.05.2021

Frail demand, improving availability put pressure on European PET

  • 26.05.2021

JBF lifts force majeure on PET supplies from Belgium

  • 21.05.2021

Buying resistance, ample supply keep Asian PET bottle under pressure

  • 20.05.2021

Spot PET bottle reverses direction in Europe amid lower imports

  • 04.05.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s March polymer imports soar 27% on month

  • 30.04.2021

PlastiVerd lifts FM on PET production in Spain

  • 30.04.2021

Asian PET suppliers cut offers on demand concerns

  • 27.04.2021

Local PET bottle prices move below imports in Thailand

  • 16.04.2021

PET bottle unfazed by lower import offers in Europe

  • 12.04.2021

673 record found.
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