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Turkey PP, PE markets extending uptrend into December

  • 27.11.2020

LATEST NEWS: SE Asian producer reveals Dec PE, PP prices to Indonesia

  • 25.11.2020

Indonesian producer raises local PE offers again

  • 25.11.2020

European PP, PE sellers aim at Dec hikes regardless of monomer outcome

  • 24.11.2020

Indonesian producer raises domestic PE, PP offers

  • 23.11.2020

Sentiment remains strong for Dec in Turkey's PP market

  • 20.11.2020

European PP players voice expectations for December

  • 20.11.2020

Global polymer markets face soaring freights amid pent-up demand

  • 20.11.2020

RCEP to boost Asia-Pacific polymer trade; will global PP, PE trade flows change?

  • 19.11.2020

Rising freight costs add to supply-driven PP gains in China

  • 17.11.2020

Indonesian producer lowers PE offers

  • 16.11.2020

Import PP copolymer offers hit 15-month high in Turkey

  • 13.11.2020

Low ends for European PP fade amid diminishing availability

  • 12.11.2020

LyondellBasell lifts force majeure on PPRC from Brindisi

  • 09.11.2020

Indonesian producer continues to hike PP offers

  • 09.11.2020

Overseas PP producers’ focus shifts to SE Asia as Chinese demand fades

  • 04.11.2020

Surging futures drive local PP, PE prices higher in China, yet demand stays limited

  • 03.11.2020

Stats: Turkey’s Q3 polymer imports jump 16% year-on-year

  • 02.11.2020

Indonesian producer raises PP offers further

  • 02.11.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports down on month in Sept

  • 30.10.2020

LATEST NEWS: China's Sep polymer imports post monthly, yearly increases

  • 28.10.2020

Malaysian producer reveals Nov PP, PE prices to local market

  • 28.10.2020

PP sellers' hike targets mooted on looming second-wave concerns in Europe

  • 27.10.2020

Indonesian producer applies fresh hikes on local PP offers

  • 26.10.2020

Import PP prices in China extend gains on tighter supply

  • 21.10.2020

1447 record found.
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