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Weekly Market Drivers for the USA

  • 25.07.2016

France’s Total declares FM on PS output from US

  • 29.06.2016

US Westlake Chemical announces FM on output from Kentucky

  • 29.06.2016

Ineos Total restarts its Naphtachimie steam cracker

  • 13.06.2016

LyondellBasell announces FM on PP supplies from Spain, Italy

  • 09.06.2016

INEOS declares FM on HDPE, PP output from France

  • 26.05.2016

France’s Naphtachimie announces FM on ethylene supply

  • 25.05.2016

LyondellBasell declares FM on LLDPE from two US plants

  • 19.05.2016

France’s Total declares FM on multiple polymers from Gonfreville

  • 19.05.2016

Mexico’s PMV declares FM on multiple supplies from Veracruz

  • 25.04.2016

Indorama lifts FM on MEG, EO output from US

  • 19.04.2016

Total lifts FM on PP and HDPE output from Belgium

  • 12.04.2016

Kuwait’s TKSC announces FM on its styrene output

  • 08.04.2016

Total declares FM on PP and HDPE output from Belgium

  • 07.04.2016

Russia’s SayanskKhimplast announces FM on PVC output

  • 26.02.2016

Indorama announces FM on MEG, EO outputs from US

  • 22.02.2016

Nigeria’s ELEME declares PP and PE force majeure

  • 22.02.2016

European polyolefins market gearing up for turnarounds

  • 09.02.2016

INEOS declares force majeure on PP output from Texas, US

  • 18.01.2016

Italy’s Versalis declares FM on LDPE/EVA output from Ragusa

  • 14.01.2016

Shell lifts FM on MEG output from Moerdijk

  • 14.12.2015

Shell Singapore declares FM on MEG output

  • 07.12.2015

INEOS announces FM on PP supply from US

  • 03.12.2015

Shell declares FM on ethylene, propylene output from Singapore

  • 02.12.2015

LyondellBasell lifts FM on PP supply from Texas, US

  • 02.12.2015

147 record found.
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