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PS, ABS markets take respite from rising streak in China, SEA

  • 21.09.2020

A prospect for Q4 through uncharted waters of 2020 amid pandemic

  • 10.09.2020

Turkish EPS market eases down as demand support falters

  • 08.09.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports jump in July

  • 31.08.2020

LATEST NEWS: China's July polymer imports down on month, up on year

  • 31.08.2020

Sept expectations voiced in Europe; ABS draws rosier picture than PS

  • 31.08.2020

South Korea Kumho’s Q2 net profit down 13%

  • 19.08.2020

EPS market retains strength on buoyant construction sector in Turkey

  • 07.08.2020

Ineos Styrolution announces Aug PS, ABS offers in Europe

  • 04.08.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s June polymer imports hit all-time high monthly

  • 30.07.2020

EPS prices rise above $1000/ton in Turkey

  • 17.07.2020

Turkey’s local PS, EPS markets extend gains to July

  • 07.07.2020

Initial ABS prices for July see larger increases than PS in Europe

  • 06.07.2020

Ineos Styrolution announces July PS, ABS offers in Europe

  • 03.07.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s May polymer imports up marginally m-o-m, down 10% y-o-y

  • 30.06.2020

LATEST NEWS: China's May polymer imports see highest monthly volume ever

  • 29.06.2020

PS hikes beyond styrene fail to pass in Europe

  • 19.06.2020

Optimism is rising on resurgent demand in European polymer markets

  • 15.06.2020

Domestic EPS prices extend gains in Turkey

  • 12.06.2020

Styrenics markets open June on firm note in Europe

  • 04.06.2020

LATEST NEWS: China’s total polymer imports down in April

  • 01.06.2020

Gradually returning demand offers glimmer of hope in polymer markets

  • 01.06.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports down 6% in April

  • 29.05.2020

Italy's total polymer imports down on month and year in Feb

  • 21.05.2020

EPS pre-buying seen in Turkey after massive drops since March

  • 15.05.2020

187 record found.
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