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Weekly Market Drivers for the USA

  • 23.11.2020

Egypt’s EPC reveals H2 November PVC offers

  • 16.11.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s Petkim starts week with PP, HDPE and PVC hikes

  • 16.11.2020

European PVC buyers consent to hikes for November

  • 11.11.2020

Bullish run for PVC enters 6th month in Turkey: Supply relief under question

  • 06.11.2020

Initial PVC offers for November see hikes of up to €80 in Europe

  • 04.11.2020

Egypt’s EPC, TCI Sanmar announce initial November PVC offers

  • 03.11.2020

Stats: Turkey’s Q3 polymer imports jump 16% year-on-year

  • 02.11.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s Petkim opens Nov with PVC hikes

  • 02.11.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports down on month in Sept

  • 30.10.2020

European PVC sellers aim at Nov hikes regardless of imminent C2 outcome

  • 29.10.2020

Vynova resumes operations at two PVC plants in Europe

  • 27.10.2020

Kem One declares FM on PVC output from France

  • 14.10.2020

Shin Etsu reportedly declares FM on PVC from Netherlands

  • 14.10.2020

European PVC buyers consent to visible increases for Oct

  • 13.10.2020

European PVC hits nearly 16-month high on tightness

  • 07.10.2020

Turkey attracts irregular PVC origins amid tempting netbacks

  • 30.09.2020

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports down on month in Aug

  • 30.09.2020

Italy's total polymer imports up nearly 35% in June

  • 29.09.2020

Import PVC market surges further on lack of US availability in Egypt

  • 29.09.2020

October hints at renewed increases in Europe’s PVC markets

  • 29.09.2020

Kem One puts European customers on allocation, seeks large hikes for October

  • 25.09.2020

3-digit hikes in Oct PVC offers reinforce supply-driven bullishness in Asia

  • 16.09.2020

Lack of imports sends Turkey’s PVC market to around 8-year high

  • 10.09.2020

PVC dealt higher despite flat C2 in Europe

  • 08.09.2020

774 record found.
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