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Major Indian producer hikes domestic PVC prices by another INR10,000/ton

  • 14.10.2021

Coal shortages boost China’s local PVC markets after holidays

  • 11.10.2021

PVC rally extends into 17th month in Europe, Oct hikes vary in size

  • 07.10.2021

Major Indian producer makes another sharp hike to domestic PVC prices

  • 01.10.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s Aug polymer imports up 24% on month

  • 30.09.2021

European PVC trades below Turkey, Egypt and India

  • 30.09.2021

Turkey PVC market shattered as prices shoot up to new all-time highs

  • 30.09.2021

LATEST NEWS: China's August polymer imports up 12% on month

  • 28.09.2021

European Kem One to apply energy surcharge on PVC prices from Oct

  • 23.09.2021

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major applies sharp hikes on Oct PVC prices to Asia

  • 13.09.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s Petkim raises HDPE and PVC list prices

  • 06.09.2021

LATEST NEWS: Kem One declares force majeure on K70 supplies from Berre

  • 03.09.2021

Turkey’s PVC market hits almost all-time-high on short supply

  • 03.09.2021

Major Indian producer hikes domestic PVC prices again

  • 01.09.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s July polymer imports slump on month, year

  • 31.08.2021

Weekly Market Drivers for the USA

  • 30.08.2021

Egypt’s TCI Sanmar revises up local August PVC offers

  • 23.08.2021

LATEST NEWS: Taiwanese major hikes Sep PVC prices to Asia

  • 17.08.2021

Turkey’s PVC market back to May highs on heels of tightness

  • 13.08.2021

Stats: China exports more than 1 million tons of PVC in 1H 2021

  • 04.08.2021

Egypt’s TCI Sanmar announces August PVC offers

  • 04.08.2021

LATEST NEWS: China's June polymer imports plunges 47% on year

  • 02.08.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s Petkim raises PP, PE and PVC list prices

  • 02.08.2021

LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s June polymer imports recede on month and year

  • 30.07.2021

PVC sentiment shows cautious signs of recovery in Turkey

  • 28.07.2021

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