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Turkey’s PVC markets dive to a year-low, what lies ahead?

PVC prices have been posting relentless declines since mid-April in Turkey, while the cumulative losses have reached 20-21% since then. The market was clearly unfazed by a short-lived recovery in China’s local and export markets earlier this month, which was triggered by the lifting of lockdowns...

Clouds hang over China's PP, PE and PVC markets again on fears of fresh clusters

The Chinese government’s commitment to the “zero-case” policy persists, and so do the efforts to revive the covid-hit economy. The recovery hopes following Shanghai’s reopening in early June have recently been dashed again amid the uphill battle with new outbreaks...

Expectations offer a mixed bag for Taiwanese major’s July PVC prices

As market players grope in the dark amid conflicting signals, a major Taiwanese producer is set to notify PVC offers for July to Asian buyers next week. With all eyes on China, expectations range from slightly lower to slightly higher from its June offers, with many participants also predicting a rollover next month...

Demand slowdown accelerates in African PP, PE markets in June

Although strategies for pricing differed from one regional market to another, there was one common theme among market players in Africa: deteriorating demand conditions and lacklustre buying activities amid rising inflation and other wider economic factors...

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