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Stay on top of global

plastics news, daily prices and market trends

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In today’s plastics industry,
how do you fight against market volatility?

Plastics prices are determined primarily by the Supply-Demand balance.
Prices are volatile because the factors affecting supply and demand are often
Unknown, hard to predict and subject to change at any moment.
You will win this fight only if you;
# Buy & sell at the right time by staying on top of the most recent global market developments
# Negotiate smarter by knowing the most up-to-date market prices & trends
# Capture arbitrage opportunities by accessing all markets timely
# Expand your supplier & buyer network

How does ChemOrbis help you with all that?

ChemOrbis enables plastics industry

buyers, sellers and producers

make winning buy/sell decisions and connections.

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Market Information
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  • Polymers: PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, PET
  • Monomers: Ethylene, Propylene, VCM, Styrene
  • Feedstock: Crude Oil, Naphtha
  • Asia: China, Southeast Asia, India
  • Europe: Northwest Europe, Italy
  • Middle East: Turkey, GCC, Levant
  • Africa: Egypt, North, East, West and South Africa

Market Information

News – Daily Prices – Price Indexes – Weekly Analysis

Learn current market conditions and prices  

Understand market drivers and short term expectations  

With updated, in depth and daily market information ChemOrbis helps me to be always updated on the worldwide plastics market movements. That helps me to take always the right decision in my job, so ChemOrbis makes me feel more comfortable in the global marketplace.
Roberto Nelli
General Manager

Supported Languages: English, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai

Unique, Daily, Most Accurate Plastics Information

ChemOrbis team gets in touch with companies from all segments to
deliver true prices and market analysis.
Unique industry contacts
Rich price archive
Processing Algorithm

Analysis Tools

Price Wizard – Stats Wizard – Price Changes & Trends – Netback Analysis – Product Snapshot – Market Snapshot

 Analyze prices and market trends

 Review current and historical trade statistics

Not only can we follow the market and prices, but we can easily find relevant statistics for our analysis. We believe each and every player in the plastics industry should benefit from reliable and up-to-date market intelligence by ChemOrbis.
Ömer Siliman - Purchasing Expert

ARCELIK A.S., Turkey


Conferences in Middle East – Europe – Africa – Asia

 Learn latest developments & trends from industry experts

 Foster relationships with industry partners

State of the art tool to improve business efficiency, to find contacts, to make deals possible.
Henry Roth - CEO

ChemOrbis provides such a great assistance in increasing the efficiency of our procurement process. Thanks to ChemOrbis’ trading platforms, we have a more transparent procurement process and we receive more competitive prices from the market.
Sami Yüksel
Executive Director


Buy & Sell

Email Notifications – Product Listings – Company Profiles

Make trade decisions timely when you spot the opportunity  

Request buy/sell offers on the ChemOrbis platform  

ChemOrbis services are designed

to deliver its promises under highly volatile market conditions:

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Hear From Our Members
ChemOrbis spreads timely and accurate information for market monitoring and awareness, focusing also on markets and customers distinctiveness to provide better and better market intelligence.
Our market awareness and price estimations improved thanks to the high quality service by ChemOrbis. For all the questions we ask, ChemOrbis provides satisfactory answers. Our only regret is not subscribing to ChemOrbis much earlier!
When I weigh the cost of ChemOrbis membership against the benefits, I can confidently say that it is my most profitable investment.
We compare with many information providers but we chose ChemOrbis because it focuses on what we need.
ChemOrbis is an interest to everyone in the plastics industry, whether you're a converter, trader or a polymer producer helping you reach important conclusions and take different positions in the market. In that sense, I think the benefit you get out of ChemOrbis definitely justifies the fees we pay for it.
  • AFRICA - Egypt
  • ASIA - China, Malaysia
  • CIS - Russia
  • EUROPE - Italy
  • MIDDLE EAST – Turkey