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ABS Prices and News

ABS , Butadiene , Europe , Northwest Europe , Styrene , Price , Italy

European ABS faces large hikes on heels of costs
by Manolya Tufan
In Europe, the ABS market witnessed sharp hikes on the back of stronger feedstock costs. However, players are discussing to what extent these increases can be absorbed, taking weak demand and ample supplies into account...

ABS , Styrene , PVC , Ethylene , Price , China , PE , PS , PP

A look back at China’s import polymer markets in Q1
by Pınar Polat
As the end of the first quarter is near, ChemOrbis data suggest that PS and ABS prices in China’s import markets are closing the period higher than the early-year-levels. The gains in the PE market were only slight while PP prices failed to firm up. The PVC market, meanwhile, is ending the quarter lower...

ABS , Butadiene , Europe , Northwest Europe , Styrene , Price , Italy

European ABS rebounds from 3-year low
by Manolya Tufan
In Europe, ABS suppliers approached the market with increases exceeding the monthly styrene hike of €60/ton for March in an attempt to improve their margins. However, they have had to trim their hike request upon apathetic buy interest...

ABS , Import/Export Statistics , PET , HDPE , LLDPE , PVC , LDPE , Türkiye , EPS , PS , PP

Growth in Turkey’s polymer imports faltered in 2018
by Esra Ersöz
The overall polymer imports of Turkey shrank by 6.5% in 2018 when compared to the record-high imports of the previous year. This slump was highly expected given the rapid depreciation of the lira against the US dollar, particularly in the second half of the year...

ABS , Butadiene , HIPS , Europe , Northwest Europe , Styrene , Price , GPPS , PS , Italy

Outlook firms up for PS in Europe, ABS yet to follow suit
by Manolya Tufan
In Europe’s styrenics markets, players started to share their expectations for February outlook ahead of the styrene settlement. The majority of the participants see an upturn more likely for PS, pointing to the relatively limited supplies and better buying sentiment, unlike ABS...

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About ChemOrbis ABS prices and Plastic News

ABS; Acrylonitrile (ACN) is a polymer formed by the combination of butadiene and styrene feedstocks. Since it is a durable plastic; ABS is frequently used in automotive, electrical-electronics and household appliances.

There are natural, black and white types of ABS, which are then divided in injection and extrusion applications. The usage of natural type is much more common.

While South Korea and Taiwan are the top ABS exporters in the world market, China maintains its position as the biggest buyer by accounting for more than 40% of world’s imports alone.

ChemOrbis ABS prices and Plastics News section contain information on the market trends, as well as supply-demand factors and production costs that determine the pricing, statistics on imports and exports, along with maintenance shutdowns, restarts, and new capacities related to ABS facilities.


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