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PET Prices and News

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Lackluster demand, lower costs drag Asia PET markets down
by Pınar Polat
PET prices have witnessed additional decreases since the beginning of the week in the face of weaker upstream costs and thin buying appetite across Asian markets...

Price , China , Northwest Europe , PET , SEA & India , Italy

PET prices fail to rebound from near 3-year low in Asia, Europe
by Esra Ersöz
PET prices both in Asia and Europe have witnessed a renewed weakness recently. The low season seems to have outpaced the hike attempts of sellers to pull the market up from near 3-year lows...

Price , PET , SEA & India

SEA PET market starts Q4 with further losses
by Pınar Polat  and Esra Ersöz
PET prices across Southeast Asia have extended their drops into October mainly due to thin demand amid the seasonal lull, after the recovery in early September ended up being short-lived...

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Italy’s polymer imports march to record highs in H1
by ChemOrbis Editorial Team  and Esra Ersöz
During the January-June period, the overall polymer imports reached more than 2.8 million tons in Italy. With an increase of nearly 5% over the same period of last year, the latest figures marked the highest first-half record since 2000, according to data from ChemOrbis Import Statistics...

Price , China , PET , MEG

Chinese PET producers attempt for hikes first time since July
by Pınar Polat
Some Chinese PET sellers have renewed confidence on their export offers recently with support from higher spot MEG prices and crude oil futures although the demand-side remains unpromising. This followed a downtrend that permeated the country’s PET market for nine consecutive weeks...

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About ChemOrbis PET prices and Plastic News

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is formed by polymerization of PTA and MEG feedstocks. While PTA is produced from PX (paraxylene), MEG is produced from ethylene. Therefore, when examining PET production costs, PX and ethylene should also be taken into consideration besides PTA and MEG.

There are three types of PET: bottle, textile and film. PET bottle grade is used in transparent plastic bottles that are frequently used in daily life. As can be deduced from its name, PET textile chips are used in the textile field, while PET film is used in packaging. In terms of global consumption, PET bottle grade is more commonly used than PET textile. POY, on the other hand, is a partially oriented yarn and it is a semi-finished product that corresponds to the next stage of textile chips.

Looking at the top PET suppliers on a country-based breakdown, China is by far the most important seller of PET bottle grade. China, which is self-sufficient in meeting its domestic demand and a net exporter thanks to its huge PET capacities, realizes more than 30% of the global PET trade. China is then followed by Taiwan and India. The USA, Japan and Italy are among the top three PET buyers, respectively. However, these countries' import purchases are relatively limited.

ChemOrbis Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) prices and Plastics News section contain information on the market trends, as well as supply-demand factors and production costs that determine the pricing, statistics on imports and exports, along with maintenance shutdowns, restarts, and new capacities related to PET facilities.


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