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PET Prices and News

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Asian PET exporters enjoy healthy demand across the board
by Merve Madakbaşı
Global PET bottle markets have followed a firm trend in February, driven by spiking crude oil prices. Contributing to the scene have been elevated freight rates and lingering container issues, as they provided an upper hand to sellers. The high season has yet to start in most regions, but Asian exporters have achieved good sales in key markets...

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Asia PET prices extend gains into January
by Pınar Polat
PET prices across Asia not only closed 2021 on firm footing but also started the new year with additional increases, driven by higher feedstock costs and the lingering tightness inside China. This was despite the fact that demand was limited due to the off-season and tighter Covid-19 measures...

Malaysia , Philippines , India , PET , SEA & India , Thailand , PET Bottle , Vietnam , Price , China , Indonesia , Singapore

PET bottle prices rise 40% in 2021 across Asia
by Shibu Itty Kuttickal
Increasing demand and feedstock cost support have kept the Asian PET bottle market mostly on a net uptrend this year. China's export and domestic PET bottle prices as well as Southeast Asia’s import PET prices have risen by about 40% over the past one year, ChemOrbis Prise Wizard shows...

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Turkey's polymer markets deadlocked as lira’s freefall shatters all records
by Merve Madakbaşı
The Turkish lira faced a collapse against its peers on Tuesday before paring some of its losses later in the week. In the midst of an unstable parity, players maintained their "wait and see" stance, while economic concerns have wreaked havoc on polymer demand...

PTA , PET , SEA & India , Asia Pacific , Price , China , Paraxylene , MEG

Cost support, improving demand drive Asia PET markets slightly higher
by Pınar Polat
PET prices in Asia have slightly increased so far this week after following a stable to softer trend since late October. Firmer prices are attributed to rising cost support as well as better demand. Moreover, there has been an ongoing supply tightness inside China...

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More Free Information on Plastics Industry: Glossary | Production Flowcharts
PET Production News
About ChemOrbis PET prices and Plastic News

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is formed by polymerization of PTA and MEG feedstocks. While PTA is produced from PX (paraxylene), MEG is produced from ethylene. Therefore, when examining PET production costs, PX and ethylene should also be taken into consideration besides PTA and MEG.

There are three types of PET: bottle, textile and film. PET bottle grade is used in transparent plastic bottles that are frequently used in daily life. As can be deduced from its name, PET textile chips are used in the textile field, while PET film is used in packaging. In terms of global consumption, PET bottle grade is more commonly used than PET textile. POY, on the other hand, is a partially oriented yarn and it is a semi-finished product that corresponds to the next stage of textile chips.

Looking at the top PET suppliers on a country-based breakdown, China is by far the most important seller of PET bottle grade. China, which is self-sufficient in meeting its domestic demand and a net exporter thanks to its huge PET capacities, realizes more than 30% of the global PET trade. China is then followed by Taiwan and India. The USA, Japan and Italy are among the top three PET buyers, respectively. However, these countries' import purchases are relatively limited.

ChemOrbis Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) prices and Plastics News section contain information on the market trends, as well as supply-demand factors and production costs that determine the pricing, statistics on imports and exports, along with maintenance shutdowns, restarts, and new capacities related to PET facilities.


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