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Plastics News and Polymer Prices

Petchem producers reveal financial results for 2017
Throughout February, petrochemical producers have been revealing their financial results for 2017 across the globe. Higher oil prices mostly appear to have significantly contributed to the producers’...
Tue Feb 20 12:00:00 EET 2018

Relatively larger PP hikes obtained in West Europe than in Italy
After initial hikes targets of up to €80/ton were trimmed down for February, PP sellers in Northwest Europe have achieved increases of...
Mon Feb 19 12:00:00 EET 2018

Lower naphtha weighs on March expectations for ethylene in Europe
Spot ethylene prices in Europe steadily firmed up in Europe since mid-December before they have mostly stabilized in February. Meanwhile, crude oil prices have turned down from a 3-year high in the last few weeks, which has also pushed spot naphtha prices lower ...
Fri Feb 16 12:00:00 EET 2018

How is oil’s recent slump reflected on global petchem markets?
After hitting a three-year high, crude oil futures have fallen for the past two-three weeks. This recent downturn has partially found reflection on naphtha and monomer prices in Asia and Europe while it has had a very limited impact on...
Thu Feb 15 12:00:00 EET 2018

Initial reactions from Asian players to China’s ADD measure on styrene imports
Having concluded an investigation which started in June 2017, China officially started to impose anti-dumping duties on styrene imports from...
Wed Feb 14 12:00:00 EET 2018

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