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Plastics News and Polymer Prices

Asian PS remains weak despite recent stabilization in styrene
Asian PS prices continued to post additional losses in global markets albeit in more modest amounts over this week. Muted demand continued to dominate the market heading to the year-end despite...
Fri Oct 20 12:00:00 EET 2017

Are PP, PE markets on the brink of a softer trend in Europe?
In Europe, players in the polyolefin markets are voicing early November expectations on a stable to softer note given cooling demand towards the year-end and the lack of ...
Thu Oct 19 12:00:00 EET 2017

PP, PE players in Vietnam continue to prefer local market to imports
Players operating in Vietnam’s PP and PE markets reported that local prices remain more competitive than imports. This has been pushing...
Wed Oct 18 12:00:00 EET 2017

Non-European origins offer competitive edge in European PE, PET, PS markets
In Europe, non-European offers have recently surfaced well below the local ranges in the PE, PET and PS markets, which is exerting a downward pressure on local levels. These three markets are already under pressure from...
Tue Oct 17 12:00:00 EET 2017

Import HDPE prices gain premium over LLDPE in China
In China, import HDPE film prices have moved above LLDPE film since HDPE prices made a firm return from the National Day holiday last week whereas LLDPE film prices...
Mon Oct 16 12:00:00 EET 2017

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