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Plastics News and Polymer Prices

Price , Europe , Northwest Europe , PP , Propylene , Italy

Will propylene hike be reflected on European PP?
by ChemOrbis Editorial Team
Initial October PP deals started to be closed stable to slightly higher. Players are now discussing whether weak demand will overshadow bullish factors or not...
Thu Oct 04 12:00:00 EET 2018

Price , PE , SEA & India , USA

US PE sellers continue to target SE Asia as trade war with China escalates
by ChemOrbis Editorial Team
October PE prices have been announced with decreases to Southeast Asia amid the ongoing influx of competitively-priced US cargoes...
Wed Oct 03 12:00:00 EET 2018

Europe , USA , Ethylene , Asia Pacific , Price , China , Italy

Spot ethylene hits 14-month low in Asia, Europe despite crude rally
by ChemOrbis Editorial Team
Spot ethylene prices in Far East Asia resumed their downturn and sank to their lowest levels in more than a year. Similarly, spot ethylene values in Europe dropped to the levels not seen in almost 14 months, according to the weekly average data on ChemOrbis Price Wizard...
Tue Oct 02 12:00:00 EET 2018

ABS , Asia Pacific , Price , China , SEA & India

Asian ABS markets shrug off surging crude
by ChemOrbis Editorial Team
Prices continued to track a stable to softer trend, defying bullish energy prices. Demand remained lackluster in the face of escalating trade tensions...
Mon Oct 01 12:00:00 EET 2018

Price , PE , China , HDPE , LLDPE , LDPE

China’s LDPE, LLDPE markets slightly recover ahead of holiday
by ChemOrbis Editorial Team
Prices have followed a steady to slightly firmer trend owing to the pre-buying activities triggered by higher crude in the last week before National Day holiday…
Fri Sep 28 12:00:00 EET 2018

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