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PS Prices and News

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PS markets plunge to 3-year low in China, SEA
by Manolya Tufan
Import PS prices in China and Southeast Asia have been on a downward trajectory since early July amid thin buying appetite and lower feedstock costs. Mounting trade tensions exacerbated cautiousness in the market and sent prices to 3-year lows on a weekly average, according to ChemOrbis Price Index...

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Thin demand, volatile styrene keep SE Asia PS market under pressure
by Merve Sezgün
Southeast Asia’s import PS market has remained on a stable to softer note as the bearish sentiment persists in the face of tepid demand and the continuing volatility in the spot styrene market...

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China’s Jan-May total polymer imports hit a record of nearly two decades
by Esra Ersöz
China’s cumulative polymer imports during the first five months of 2019 rose 14% on year to more than 10 million to hit the highest in nearly two decades since Chemorbis started compiling the country’s import statistics in 2001...

Europe , HIPS , Northwest Europe , Styrene , Price , GPPS , PS , Italy

European PS hits year-to-date low on July drops
by Manolya Tufan
Fresh decreases in the PS market have shown up in July following decreases of up to €130-150/ton in June. However, European PS suppliers approached the market with decreases smaller than the monthly styrene drop of €48/ton to recover their margins...

ABS , Europe , HIPS , Northwest Europe , Price , GPPS , PS , Italy

European PS, ABS markets down after 4 months
by Manolya Tufan
In Europe, two major producers pioneered decreases in the PS and ABS markets following €143/ton lower June styrene contracts. Decreases came after prices hit multi-month highs during May...

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About ChemOrbis Polystyrene (PS) prices and Plastic News

Polystyrene (PS) is formed by the polymerization of  styrene feedstock. As styrene is formed by adding ethylene into the benzene feedstock, benzene and ethylene prices are also taken into consideration, in addition to styrene while examining the production costs of PS.

There are two types of PS, namely GPPS and HIPS. These are divided into subgroups as injection and extrusion. While plastic hangers, protective foam, disposable cutlery, CD boxes are made of GPPS, HIPS is used in white goods and electronics.

The world's largest PS buyer is again China by a long way. As of 2020, China alone carries out 35% of global imports. It was followed by Malaysia and Germany, with 6% and 5% shares, respectively. Taiwan ranks first among the top PS importers list, followed by Belgium and France.

ChemOrbis Polystyrene (PS) prices and Plastics News section contain information on the market trends, as well as supply-demand factors and production costs that determine the pricing, statistics on imports and exports, along with maintenance shutdowns, restarts, and new capacities related to PS facilities.


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