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PS Prices and News

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PS dips after 4-month uptrend in Europe
by Manolya Tufan
In Europe, styrenics markets took a dive after mostly following an uptrend in the past 4 months as February styrene contracts settled down €51/ton. Initial February offers emerged with decreases, also weighed down by slowing demand amid easing concerns over availability...

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European PS, ABS markets open 2022 on firm footing
by Merve Madakbaşı
Spot polystyrene (PS) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) markets in Europe opened the new year with hike requests from producers. The main factor propping up the markets was rising upstream costs. Previously, both PS and ABS prices moved within narrow ranges throughout November and December amid production hiccups and year-end lull...

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Turkey's polymer markets deadlocked as lira’s freefall shatters all records
by Merve Madakbaşı
The Turkish lira faced a collapse against its peers on Tuesday before paring some of its losses later in the week. In the midst of an unstable parity, players maintained their "wait and see" stance, while economic concerns have wreaked havoc on polymer demand...

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European players evaluate impact of energy surcharge on polymer markets
by Manolya Tufan
In Europe, the unprecedented surge in energy costs has rattled regional polymer markets that have been facing other setbacks driven by the pandemic. Several producers announced their plans to implement an energy surcharge on their prices, addressing the sudden and abrupt hikes in natural gas and electricity prices leading to a significant erosion of margins...

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Crude at multi-year highs contributes to a perfect storm in polymers
by Esra Ersöz
A perfect storm of factors - including a long-lasting supply tightness and demand growth as well as the prevailing freight turmoil - have already caused a bullish atmosphere in polymer markets largely since the second half of 2020, disregarding some small intervals of downward corrections in different parts of the world...

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More Free Information on Plastics Industry: Glossary | Production Flowcharts
About ChemOrbis Polystyrene (PS) prices and Plastic News

Polystyrene (PS) is formed by the polymerization of  styrene feedstock. As styrene is formed by adding ethylene into the benzene feedstock, benzene and ethylene prices are also taken into consideration, in addition to styrene while examining the production costs of PS.

There are two types of PS, namely GPPS and HIPS. These are divided into subgroups as injection and extrusion. While plastic hangers, protective foam, disposable cutlery, CD boxes are made of GPPS, HIPS is used in white goods and electronics.

The world's largest PS buyer is again China by a long way. As of 2020, China alone carries out 35% of global imports. It was followed by Malaysia and Germany, with 6% and 5% shares, respectively. Taiwan ranks first among the top PS importers list, followed by Belgium and France.

ChemOrbis Polystyrene (PS) prices and Plastics News section contain information on the market trends, as well as supply-demand factors and production costs that determine the pricing, statistics on imports and exports, along with maintenance shutdowns, restarts, and new capacities related to PS facilities.


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