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A major Saudi producer issues November PP, PE to Egypt

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 28/10/2014 (13:21)
In Egypt, a major Saudi Arabian producer announced their new November prices with decreases of $20/ton for PP products and $50/ton decreases for LDPE and LLDPE film. However, the producer, due to their limited supplies, elected to maintain their HDPE prices from October levels. Meanwhile, the producer also started to offer with both cash and 90 days deferred payment terms. The producer’s cash based offers are $30/ton lower when compared to their 90 days deferred payment based offers.

A distributor, who received prices from the producer, commented, “Market players were expecting up to $40/ton decreases on the producer’s HDPE prices given the gap between their prices and the rest of the Middle Eastern producers’ offers. However, the Saudi producer elected to keep their prices unchanged pointing to their limited HDPE supplies as a reason. At the moment, we wait to hear the other regional producers’ prices. Meanwhile, a large gap has been formed in the distribution market levels.”

Looking at prices, they stand at $1660/ton for HDPE film, $1680/ton for HDPE blow moulding and injection, $1670-1700/ton for LDPE film and at $1640/ton for LLDPE film on CIF Suez, 90 days deferred payment basis. For PP, the producer offers raffia and injection at $1650/ton, PP film at $1680/ton, PP fibre at $1680-1700/ton, PP random copolymer injection at $1790/ton and PP block copolymer injection at $1660-1670/ton with the same terms.

For their cash based prices, they stand at $1630/ton for HDPE film, at $1650/ton for HDPE blow moulding and injection, $1640-1670/ton for LDPE film, $1610/ton for LLDPE film, $1620/ton for PP raffia and injection, $1650-1670/ton for PP fibre, $1650/ton for PP film , $1760/ton for PP random copolymer injection and at $1630-1640/ton for PP block copolymer injection on CIF Suez, cash basis.
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