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ChemOrbis Gaziantep Petrochemicals Summit: Innovative Solutions for Flexible Packaging

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 27/04/2017 (10:49)
Sameh Attalah, Sadara Product Director at the Dow Chemical Company, centered on the importance of technology innovation and the sustainable development in the packaging industry, especially in flexible packaging industry during his presentation at ChemOrbis Gaziantep Petrochemicals Summit at Divan Hotel Gaziantep, Turkey on April 27.

Attalah mainly focused on decreasing food waste and material use, increasing recyclability of flexible packaging and developing solutions for recovering value from waste when recycling is not possible in order to address the current and future global challenges including resource scarcity, population growth and energy consumption.

He commented that the sustainability helps reduce material use and emission, provides reusable sources and saves energy.

Highlighting the importance of saving food through innovative packaging solutions, Attalah said that one third of the food produced in the world are wasted and food waste has ten times more environmental effects than packaging waste. According to him, the current food production is enough to feed the undernourished and malnourished populations of the planet. However, almost 870 million people in the world are chronically undernourished today.

Regarding the recyclability of flexible packaging, Attalah also reported that their aim is to develop depolymerization or chemical recycling technologies that can be used to convert used plastic packaging into valuable feedstocks which can be used to make new polymers.
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