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ChemOrbis Gaziantep Petrochemicals Summit: Turkey’s homo PP demand might need up to 100.000 tons of incremental supply

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 27/04/2017 (14:59)
Andrea Borusso from Borusso Polymers pointed out the key developments and outlook of major supply centers and markets as well as key resins and their relative growth during his presentation, “Turkey in a global Fibers Market” in ChemOrbis Gaziantep Petrochemicals Summit.

In Turkey, homo PP fiber and raffia demand count for 30% of the whole PP demand. Domestic PP demand at 2 million tons/year indicates a growth of 3-3.5% per year. This would equal a need of 60.000-100.000 tons of incremental supply. “Increases in global PP capacities will not be enough to supply 15 million tons of the overall demand in 2025 if demand grows 4-5% per year,” Borusso said.

“Meanwhile, if crude oil prices escalates to $80-90/barrel at the time, naphtha/steam crackers will lose attractiveness against PDH (Propylene Dehydrogenation) units,” he stated.

Regarding PES (Polyethersulfone), lower manpower costs have been sustaining faster demand growth particularly in India and China, which counts for over 80% of PES fiber exports, Andre Borusso stated. Turkey operates around 70% of the region’s PES capacity of 600,000 tons, while it consumes almost 80% of the region’s PES demand at 1.5 million tons. “The region is supplied by imports given an operation deficit of 1 million tons, which leaves space for new investments in Turkey if raw material costs can prove competitive against imports from Asia,” he added.
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