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ChemOrbis Gaziantep Petrochemicals Summit: Turkish Economy in between global and regional factors

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 27/04/2017 (12:21)
Özlem Derici Şengül, Co-founder of Spinn Training &Consulting, focused on the status of Turkish economy under the impacts of several factors including global economic conditions, political developments along with the regional features and international agencies during her presentation titled as "Turkish economy under the global and regional headwinds" at the ChemOrbis Gaziantep Petrochemicals Summit in the Divan Hotel in Gaziantep, Turkey on April 27.

Evaluating the economic and political conditions in the pre-referendum period in Turkey, Şengül questioned as to whether the focus of the country would shift to external agenda in the post-referendum period.

Regarding the obstacles in front of the economic growth, Şengül underlined the importance of liquidity and defined the liquidity from abroad as the most important requirement for the economic growth of countries including Turkey, which are not able to economize. Analyzing the upward revisions in the IMF forecasts based on the IMF World Economic Outlook, April 2017, Şengül evaluated the proposed results in the reports.

In another note, pointing out the importance of the international agencies, Şengül remarked that pressure on the exchange rate, firmer bond yields due to high risk premium along with political instability and increasing geopolitical risks result in lower investable grade, meaning possible risks for investors.
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