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Conflict over truck transits between Iran, Turkey persists

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 21/10/2014 (18:03)
Following Turkey’s doubling of its transit fee on Iranian trucks to €50/100 km as a response to Iran’s previous move; Iran has implemented an increase on the surcharge applied for the gap in fuel prices between the two countries.

Iran is now taking a $2/liter fuel-gap surcharge instead of $1/liter from Turkish trucks, which means that a truck with a 550-liter fuel tank has to pay $1100 while entering Iran besides the €50/100 kilometers transit fee.

According to the International Transporters Association of Turkey (UND), the main reason behind this crisis between the two countries was that Iran started to apply a surcharge on Turkish trucks for their deliveries to countries such as Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan via Iran. Turkey objected to this implementation, claiming that it is leading to unfair competition.

Sources from the UND stated that negotiations at a top executive level are still under way, yet they do not know when it will be solved completely.
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