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Distributor: Malaysian producer reduces domestic PP, PE prices for Nov

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 28/10/2014 (04:56)
According to a distributor, a Malaysian producer has announced their domestic PP and PE prices for November with decreases in line with the price reductions implemented by other regional producers. The producer’s initial November prices are down by MYR300-310/ton ($92-95/ton) for PP, MYR150/ton ($46/ton) for HDPE and by MYR250/ton ($76/ton) for LDPE and LLDPE.

Initial November prices stand at MYR5210-5250/ton ($1592-1604/ton) for homo-PP injection and raffia, MYR5300-5400/ton ($1619-1650/ton) for PP film, MYR5320/ton ($1625/ton) for PP block copolymer injection, MYR5540-5600/ton ($1693-1711/ton) for PP random copolymer injection, MYR5250/ton ($1604/ton) for LDPE film and HDPE blow moulding, MYR5280/ton ($1613/ton) for LDPE general purpose, MYR5350/ton ($1635/ton) for LDPE injection and LLDPE film, MYR5410/ton ($1653/ton) for LDPE coating, MYR5180-5230/ton ($1583-1598/ton) for HDPE film, MYR5250-5280/ton ($1604-1611/ton) for HDPE injection and at MYR5330/ton ($1628/ton) for HDPE yarn, all on an FD Malaysia, cash basis.

“We are not planning to purchase in large volumes as we think that the outlook will remain soft over the next few weeks. In addition, demand for our end products is not all that encouraging these days,” a converter reported. Another buyer in the packaging sector added, “We are in no rush to purchase as we believe that prices may see further decreases in the coming weeks.”
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