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Egypt’s SIDPEC reduces HDPE prices for Nov

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 03/11/2014 (09:47)
A source at Egypt’s HDPE producer, SIDPEC, reported their new prices for the month of November. The producer reduced prices by EGP400/ton ($56/ton). The source commented, “We had to issue a decrease because of the globally softer trend. Although the Middle Eastern suppliers did not issue such large decreases, we felt that the Egyptian market is not healthy and for this reason we had to issue a relatively larger decrease.”

The source also noted, “Our plant is at full capacity, both production lines are operating, and our allocations are good. We also have good stock levels so I don’t think we will face any supply issues. On the demand side, buyers refrained from making purchases for the past two weeks, but now we think demand will start to improve after the new price reductions.”

SIDPEC’s new prices are at EGP12000/ton ($1678/ton) for HDPE film, at EGP12070/ton ($1688/ton) for HDPE blow moulding, at EGP11600/ton ($1622/ton) for HDPE injection and at EGP12200/ton ($1706/ton) for HDPE injection mfi 38-40 on ex-Alexandria, cash basis.
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