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Ethylene based PVC trading near par with acetylene based PVC in China

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 10/12/2014 (17:13)
Players in China report that ethylene based PVC is currently trading close to par with acetylene based PVC following another week of declining prices for ethylene based PVC. The premium carried by ethylene based PVC, which hovered at record high levels of $100-160/ton for most of the past year, currently stands at just $15/ton, the lowest premium recorded for the product since 2010, according to data from ChemOrbis Price Index.

A distributor reported that they conclude deals for ethylene based PVC at CNY6200/ton ex-warehouse China, cash inc VAT ($864/ton without VAT) while adding that they are offering acetylene based cargoes at CNY6100/ton ($850/ton without VAT) with the same terms. “Prices for ethylene based PVC fell CNY100-200/ton ($16-33/ton) on the week and this product is currently offered at competitive levels relative to acetylene based PVC, which held mostly stable owing to comparatively tight supply. We think that PVC prices will fall below the CNY6000/ton ($836/ton without VAT) threshold over the near term,” the distributor stated.

Another distributor said that prices for ethylene based PVC came down CNY100/ton ($16/ton) while commenting that additional discounts of CNY50/ton ($8/ton) are obtainable for buyers who are serious about purchasing. “It is currently the off season for PVC and we think that prices will continue to decline until upstream costs begin to show signs of stabilizing,” the distributor reported.

Domestic prices currently stand at around CNY6200-6300/ton ($864-878/ton without VAT) for ethylene based PVC and at CNY6100-6200/ton ($850-864/ton without VAT) for acetylene based PVC, all on an ex-warehouse China, cash inc VAT basis.
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