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European Engineering Polymer & Recycle Grades

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 30/04/2015 (18:27)
Month: April 2015
€/ton €/ton
Polymer MinMax
PA 617001900
PA 6,6 21002300
PC 22002400
SAN 20502250
POM 12001300
PMMA 2100 2500
Recycled Grades
R-PET Flakes Clear/Blue 800900
R- HDPE Black Pipes (PCR*)780830
R- HDPE Black Corrugated Pipes (PIR**)820850
R- HDPE Black Pipes (PIR**) 9501050
R- LDPE Film (PCR*)700900
R- LDPE Film (PIR**)11001200
R- PPBC (PIR**) 780950

* (post consumer recycle)
** (post industrial recycle)

For PC, prices posted monthly increases of €100/ton in April. A West European producer reported running their PC plant at improved rates recently while adding that supply and demand is mostly in balance for now. However, some converters are still experiencing delays in their April deliveries. According to players, PC producers are aiming for hikes of €300-350/ton on a quarterly basis. For May, expectations are calling for a new round of three-digit increases in line with the bullish outlook for benzene.

PA6 and PA6,6 prices started April on a largely stable note. INVISTA declared force majeure on ADN and HMDA output from the US on April 7, which added to supply constraints in the downstream markets. In response to reduced availability, some European producers applied three digit hikes with immediate effect in the second half of the month. PA6 prices registered monthly hikes of mainly €100-150/ton, while PA6,6 posted smaller increases of €50-60/ton. According to market sources, INVISTA resumed their ADN production in late April, while their force majeure on HMDA supply remained in place. Sellers reported that overall demand was good in April amidst short supply. For May, there are rumors of price hikes of €100-150/ton for PA6 and €120-200/ton for PA6,6, on the back of supply constraints as well as higher benzene and butadiene costs. The butadiene contract settled up €40/ton for May, while benzene contracts are expected to settle €100-130/ton higher from April.

Regarding styrenics, SAN prices rose €200-230/ton from March. Supply remains short, with some players experiencing delays in their deliveries. EPS prices posted sharp hikes of €300-320/ton in line with the April styrene contracts. Producers weren’t open to negotiations while buyers bought fewer volumes and elected to postpone their purchases to May. Sellers reported short supply for European origins while demand was slower amidst hefty April hikes. According to buyers, however, EPS was readily available in the distribution market due to sluggish demand. For May, EPS and SAN prices will strictly follow styrene costs. The May outlook was softer in the first part of April when spot styrene prices lost some ground. However, the sentiment has shifted since then given the bullish outlook for benzene which is expected to lend support to the styrene settlements to some extent.

PMMA prices tracked a stable trend at the beginning of the second quarter. Players reported that supply was comfortable and demand was regular for both PMMA and end products. However, some distributors reported seeing slow demand in the spot market due to the quarterly contracts on the buyers’ side.

POM and PBT prices were unchanged from March. Demand was stable and no supply issues have been reported.

For recycled grades, R-PET Flakes prices were reported with rollovers to €50/ton increases in April. Price hikes were supported by upstream costs and R-PET was under upward pressure from firmer prime PET prices. Supply is ample while demand is improving owing to the high season for food packaging. For May, the outlook is stable to firmer.

R- HDPE Black posted increases from €40 to €80/ton in April, while R-LDPE Film posted hikes of up to €100/ton. According to market sources, price increases were led by extremely tight supply and good demand. Players commented that supply for LDPE film scraps was shorter due to higher exports to the Far East as well as the high season for garbage bags. For May, players are projecting further hikes. Meanwhile, R-PPBC (PIR**) prices rose by €30/ton from March.

Price ranges reported include an average freight cost to the customers’ location as well as duties if applicable, although VAT is not included.

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