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Engineering Polymers - Europe August 2016

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 31/08/2016 (17:40)

Month: August 2016
€/ton €/ton
Polymer MinMax
PA 614501650
PA 6,6 19002200
PC 21002400
SAN 16001800
POM 13001450
PMMA 2050 2400

Prices for engineering polymers held mostly steady in August, according to players in the region. Most deals were closed earlier in the month or even at the end of July and buyers purchased limited volumes due to the summer lull and the uncertain outlook for certain products for September.

PC prices followed a mostly stable trend in August. Supply is good while demand has been slow because of summer holidays as many companies suspended their production for 2-3 weeks. The outlook is steady for the imminent month. However, a buyer reported that he observed negotiations for discounts of around €50-100/ton and he expects these reductions to be partially reflected to PC prices in September.

In August, PA6 and PA6,6 followed a mostly steady path. PA6 offers remained unchanged from July while some hike attempts were reported for PA6,6 offers similar to the case in July. However, deals have been closed with rollovers considering that trading activities were hampered by the summer lull. August benzene contracts settled with an increase of €67/ton ($75/ton) from July, at €652/ton. July caprolactam contracts in Europe were announced with rollovers. August contracts are yet to be settled while market sources heard talks about possible increases between €30-40/ton. A seller noted that PA6,6 prices climbed by around €100-150/ton between July and August due to reduced supply following some planned maintenance shutdowns. A buyer reported that one of his suppliers was seeking increases up to €200/ton contrary to other sellers, citing their short availability. Demand has been limited for both products as August is usually a calm month in terms of trading activities due to the summer holidays in the region. Supply for PA6,6 remains short and PA6 availability is also dwindling. Regarding the September outlook, players are projecting increases for both products. A seller stated his supplier is mulling over applying increases of around €50/ton on their PA6 prices. Demand is likely to improve as players will need to restock after the holidays.

SAN prices were unchanged in August with respect to July in line with the flat styrene settlement after registering some reductions in the previous month. Demand wasn’t strong because many players were absent from the market for summer holidays. No availability issues were reported for European material. According to a seller, a producer initially announced small increases but then conceded to rollovers given thin trading activities. For September, a mostly stable trend is anticipated while players think that the upcoming styrene contracts set the direction of the market.

EPS prices followed a stable path in August. A producer was offering with increases of €20-30/ton to recover their margins despite flat styrene contracts. Demand was muted for the most part of the month due to summer holidays, but some players reported that buying interest has started to improve ahead of September. Supply is comfortable. Players think that suppliers might seek to issue slight increases on their September prices depending on styrene contracts.

PMMA offers also remained flat for another month in August in line with expectations, with producers maintaining their quarterly prices unchanged for European material. The MMA September contract has been announced with an increase of €18/ton from August, according to market sources. MMA costs are still increasing globally owing to good demand and tightening supply. According to players, this situation will pave the way for hikes requests for European PMMA prices in the following months. Availability is still balanced even though demand has started to pick up after the holidays. Demand is expected to improve further in September after a slowdown for the most part of August due to slower trading activities. Players believe prices for last quarter will emerge in the middle of next month with increases.

POM and PBT prices didn’t register any notable changes in August. Supply is good while demand has been slow due to summer holidays. However, trading activities are expected to revive as of this week since most players have returned to the market. No major changes are anticipated for the upcoming month.

Price ranges reported include an average freight cost to the customers’ location as well as duties if applicable, although VAT is not included.
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