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Engineering Polymers - Europe May 2016

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 31/05/2016 (15:26)
Month: May 2016

Month: May 2016
€/ton €/ton
Polymer MinMax
PA 615001700
PA 6,6 21102300
PC 21002400
SAN 16501880
POM 13001450
PMMA 2050 2400

PC prices followed a mostly stable trend in May after strong hikes attempts in April failed to meet acceptance from buyers. A seller reported that his supplier was initially aiming for increases but ultimately elected to keep his prices stable, pointing to strong competition from Middle Eastern and Asian suppliers, for which he heard offers below the €2000/ton threshold. The market is calm and demand is not brilliant for PC, with some players observing a slowdown compared to the previous months. Availability is said to be good in Europe and also from Asia. The outlook is mostly stable.

PA6 and PA6,6 prices tracked a steady trend in May. Benzene contracts settled with decreases of €12-17/ton from April at €599/ton. Meanwhile, April caprolactam contracts were agreed with an increase of €85/ton from March and initial May contracts were announced with rollovers from April. A seller reported that his customers hardly accepted the €80-100/ton increases for PA6 in April and complained about losing some of his orders last month as many buyers avoided making new purchases. Another seller started giving initial May offers with increases of €70/ton, but he had some stocks left from the previous month so he sold some volumes with rollovers from April. PA6 and PA6,6 availability is still ample. Players reported that demand from the automotive sector has improved. No major changes are awaited for June.

SAN prices remained mostly stable in May in line with the styrene contracts after hikes attempts emerged at the beginning of the month. A buyer reported receiving stable to softer offers from his Taiwanese supplier considering that styrene costs in Asia were slightly lower. Players heard about slight delivery delays from a South European producer. Some of them stated that supply is a bit tight from European sources, though others reported that availability is good compared to ABS. Demand isn’t brilliant and trading activities are slower compared to the previous months. The styrene settlement will set the tone of the market in June. However, the majority of players are anticipating a mostly stable trend.

EPS prices emerged on a stable to slightly softer note, registering decreases of around €10-20/ton from April. The majority of the buyers closed their deals with discounts of €20/ton. Supply is comfortable and deliveries were regular. A buyer reported that his end product demand was slower than expected in Italy whereas it was normal in West Europe. Buyers have in general confirmed that demand was better at the beginning of the month. For June, market players had been anticipating rollovers to decreases of up to €30-40/ton for styrene contracts earlier in the month, but the most recent gains in spot styrene prices might lend support to the awaited settlements.

PMMA prices tracked a stable trend for another month in May as prices were rolled over from April. Sellers reported that monomer costs increased in China and Far East Asia because of reduced supply, which was due to production issues rather than any growth in consumption. Supply and demand dynamics are balanced. Players do not exclude the possibility of slight increases for PMMA prices next month and in the third quarter of this year both from Asia and Europe.

POM and PBT prices remained unchanged in May. A seller reported that POM prices from Asia below the €1350/ton threshold are mostly disappearing from the market for the standard grade. Supply is good and demand regular. The outlook is steady.
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