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European PVC sellers and buyers at odds for July pricing

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 05/07/2017 (15:32)
In the European PVC market, some producers opened the month of July with rollovers in an attempt to keep the market firm, pointing to their reduced supplies and better demand. However, buyers, who received initial offers with rollovers to slight decreases, are not rushing to purchase as they were expecting to obtain the half of the monomer drop at least as they find rollovers unacceptable in the midst of an ethylene drop of €50/ton.

A major PVC producer in Europe reported that they are not willing to concede to any discounts as their supply is not ample and they have to recover their margins. A source added, “Demand should be good this month like in June.”

A West European producer commented, “We have revealed July PVC contracts with rollovers as demand is better compared to last year while supply is regular. We will try to limit decreases following the ethylene drop. Nevertheless, we might concede to only small discounts as the month proceeds.”

However, some of the producers conceded to discounts of €10-20/ton due to the lower settlement of ethylene and larger discounts of up to €25/ton were also available in the distribution channel.

A different PVC producer, who applied €20/ton discounts on July offers, reported that they might expand the decreases up to €25/ton depending on the bids they receive for large tonnages.
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