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Recycled Polymers - Europe September 2015

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 29/09/2015 (16:00)
Month: September 2015
€/ton €/ton
Recycled Grades MinMax
R-PET Flakes Clear/Blue 730850
R- HDPE Black Corrugated Pipes (PIR**)10201100
R- HDPE Black Pipes (PIR**) 910950
R- LDPE Film (PCR*)10001000
R- LDPE Black Film (PCR*)680900
R- LDPE Film (PIR**)10501200
R- homo-PP black injection(PIR**) 850900
R- homo-PP injection (PIR**)920930
R- PPBC injection (PIR**)8501100

* (post consumer recycle)
** (post industrial recycle)

R- PET prices posted decreases between €50/ton and €70/ton for September. Players attributed these decreases to ample supply to meet improved plastic bottle consumption during summer and lower prime PET costs between August and September, which caused R-PET sellers to revise their prices downward to remain competitive. Players expect to see further decreases in October.

For September, R- HDPE Black Corrugated Pipes (PIR**) posted decreases between €30/ton and €45/ton, while R- HDPE Black Pipes (PIR**) posted declines of €50/ton. R- LDPE Film (PCR*) was rolled over from August, but prices might post some changes in October with the new quarterly auctions. A seller reported keeping his prices stable since June for this grade, pointing to good demand amidst short supply. R- LDPE Film (PIR**) prices were stable to €50/ton softer. However, a seller conceded to sharp discounts of €100/ton as their customers considered their prices to be too high.

For R- PP grades, R- homo-PP black injection (PIR**) and R- homo-PP injection (PIR**) prices declined by €100/ton and €140/ton, respectively. R- PPBC injection (PIR**) prices posted decreases between €20/ton and €70/ton. Sellers reported that scrap supplies were short while demand was moderate, especially in the second part of the month.

Price ranges reported include an average freight cost to the customers’ location as well as duties if applicable, although VAT is not included.
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