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Recycled Polymers - Europe December 2015

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 22/12/2015 (14:36)
Month: December 2015
€/ton €/ton
Recycled Grades MinMax
R-PET Flakes Clear/Blue 700820
R- HDPE Black Corrugated Pipes (PIR**)10001050
R- HDPE Black Pipes (PIR**) 8801100
R- LDPE Black Film (PCR*)680850
R- LDPE Film (PIR**)11001200
R- homo-PP black injection(PIR**) 850900
R- homo-PP injection (PIR**)920960
R- PPBC injection (PIR**)8501100

* (post consumer recycle)
** (post industrial recycle)

R- PET prices tracked a stable to €20/ton softer trend in December. Players reported that demand and supply dynamics were balanced. A recycler added that demand was good in December and he expects to achieve good inquiries for next month. The recycler projects a stable outlook for January, saying that he is already receiving orders from his customers. On the other hand, some players expect slight decreases due to lower feedstocks.

R- HDPE grades were stable for another month. A recycler is satisfied with his December sales and he is already receiving orders for next month. For January, he is thinking about rollovers to small increases while expecting good buying interest.

For R-LDPE grades, players reported mostly stable prices. A seller reported unchanged prices from November, claiming that demand was really quiet this month. A buyer purchased 2-3 cargoes of recycled LDPE black post-consumer grade at a rollover, while a converter only reported €50/ton increases for recycled LDPE film, commenting that the quality of this material is very high. Sellers anticipate mostly steady prices for January as converters are already placing their January orders.

For R- PP grades, price levels remained unchanged from November. Players added that supply for scraps is still tight.

Price ranges reported include an average freight cost to the customers’ location as well as duties if applicable, although VAT is not included.
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