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Recycled Polymers - Europe September 2017

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 29/09/2017 (15:37)

Month: September 2017
€/ton €/ton
Recycled Grades MinMax
R-PET Flakes Clear/Blue 780950
R- HDPE Black Corrugated Pipes (PCR**)720890
R- HDPE Black Pipes (PIR**) 9601020
R- LDPE Black Film (PCR*)600700
R- LDPE Film (PIR**)10201050
R- homo-PP black injection(PIR**) 830900
R- homo-PP injection (PIR**)930960
R- PPBC injection (PIR**)8601060

* (post-consumer recycle)
** (post-industrial recycle)

The R-PET market followed a stable to firmer trend in September, with increases of €10/ton being reported for both clear and light blue grades. The R-PET range for clear grade was reported €10/ton higher on the high end at €840-950/ton while R-PET light blue grade range was at €780-850/ton, all on FD basis. Players reported that demand for R-PET has been strong in September while prices posted some increasesfollowing higher prime PET prices. Moreover, supply was reported to be good thanks to the ample availability of post-consumer bottles following the summer season. A recycler commented, “We sold out our material with rollovers to slight increases in September as demand was strong. We were able to maintain our prices and ask for some increases thanks to the upward trend of prime PET.” However, buyers complained about higher prices for R-PET and many of them decided to purchase only limited volumes for this month. A converter in the packaging sector commented, “We hope to see some decreases in October as prices have reached very high levels for clear grade material. Moreover, supply is comfortable.” A buyer in Belgium also confirmed that demand for R-PET has been strong in September and small hikes were also reflected on prices in the Northwest European market. Expectations for October are still uncertain. If prime PET continues to support R-PET prices, as it was the case during the previous months, it might avoid an immediate downturn linked to seasonality.

The R-HDPE market followeda stable to slightly softer trend in September while supply-demand dynamics were reported to be balanced. A recycler of both post-consumer and post-industrial material reported, “We aimed to maintain our prices without conceding to any discounts in September despite the lower settlement of COREPLA auctions with respect to the previous month. Moreover, prime HDPE material saw a new round of increases in September and we plan to reflect these increases on our prices in October.” Meanwhile, a buyer in the construction sector was able to obtain small discounts on post-consumer HDPE prices. He added, “September increases on prime PE prices may support R-HDPE pipe prices next month, although we expect that the impact will be limited as demand in the pipe sector is set to fade in line with the season.” October expectations call for an upward trend, considering the rally of prime PE during September. However, demand is expected to slow down during October and November due to the end of the high season.

The R-LDPE market also followed a stable to softer trend in September. Decreases of around €20/ton were reported for post-consumer R-LDPE, demand for which was lower compared to the earlier expectations for September. A recycler commented, “We had to revise our prices down during the month as we received a limited number of orders.” However, post-industrial R-LDPE prices followed a stable trend thanks to the balanced supply-demand fundamentals. Following the increases in the prime PE market, expectations call for a stable to firmer trend for October. However, a slowdown of demand may counterbalance the possible hike requests in the market.

The R-PP market remained mostly stable in September, with players reporting a stable demand amid comfortable supplies. A recycler reported to have heard talks of increases for October due to the bullish trend of prime PP market. The recycler commented, “We maintained our prices in September due to the comfortable supply levels. We are not planning to ask for increases in October as well due to the approaching end of the high season. Plus, we are not willing to pay increases as we are aware of the ample availability.” Buyers confirmed that prices were mostly stable in September while they expect possible hike attempts for October. The outlook for next month is stable to slightly firmer due to the upward trend of the prime PP market. However, comfortable supply levels and fading demand may keep possible increases in check.

Price ranges reported include an average freight cost to the customers’ location as well as duties if applicable, although VAT is not included.
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