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Further local PP, PE reductions from Indonesian producer

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 09/10/2015 (14:12)
A source from an Indonesian producer reported that they implemented additional decreases on their local PP and PE prices as of today. The producer cut their local prices by IDR450,000-470,000/ton ($33-35/ton) for PP and by IDR570,000-610,000/ton ($42-45/ton) for PE.

With their recent reductions, the producer’s total decrease amounts reached IDR1,580,000-1,660,000/ton ($118-124/ton) for PP and IDR1,980,000-2,120,000/ton ($148-158/ton) for PE.

According to the source, the producer’s PP prices currently stand at IDR16,010,000/ton ($1154/ton) for raffia and injection, at IDR16,150,000-16,290,000/ton ($1164-1174/ton) for film, at IDR16,430,000/ton ($1184/ton) for coating and at IDR15,600,000/ton ($1124/ton) for BOPP, all on an FD Jabodetabek, Indonesia, cash basis.

For PE, the producer’s offers stand at IDR19,460,000/ton ($1402/ton) for LLDPE film and HDPE film, at IDR20,840,000/ton ($1502/ton) for LLDPE injection, at IDR19,740,000/ton ($1422/ton) for HDPE injection and at IDR19,880,000/ton ($1432/ton) for HDPE pipe (PE100) and HDPE blow moulding, all on an FD Jabodetabek, Indonesia, cash basis.
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