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Indonesia and Japan await results of public hearing for ADD on Chinese PET

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 07/08/2017 (14:43)
Asian PET players are nowadays waiting to hear for the results of the public hearing conducted by Komite Anti-dumping of Indonesia (KADI) in Indonesia regarding the implementation of the anti-dumping duties on PET imports from China, South Korea and Malaysia while market players are nowadays reporting that Japan is also set to implement anti-dumping duties for Chinese PET as well.

A Chinese buyer operating in the Indonesian market noted, “The public hearing regarding the implementation of the ADD was held on yesterday and Chinese producers have submitted more supportive documents to KADI. Now we are waiting for further notice.”

A Jakarta-based buyer said, “The result of the ADD investigation is not clear yet and therefore we prefer to keep our purchases on hold for now and wait for clearer results.”

A Malaysian converter commented, “We think that Chinese PET will lose market share in Indonesia due to the ADD. We are planning to wait before making any purchases until a clearer picture is drawn for Indonesia.”

In the meantime, Japan is also preparing to implement anti-dumping duties on imports of Chinese PET, according to market players. In September 2016, the Japanese government had started an anti-dumping investigation for PET imports from China.

A source from an Indonesian producer opined, “Japan’s Ministry of Finance announced result of anti-dumping on Chinese PET today. Accordingly, Chinese producers’ dumping acts were found affirmative with a rate between 40.41-53.85%. For now, the official rate of the anti-dumping duty to be imposed is unknown. Plus, we are waiting for KADI’s announcement as well.”

A Shanghai –based buyer speculated plans of Indonesia and Japan to implement anti-dumping duties on China origin imports as a disadvantage for Chinese producers. “We heard about the anti-dumping duty on Chinese PET imports to Japan today. If it becomes official, China may only sell the 1% of its current volume to Japan. We now consider selling to Thailand, India, Taiwan, South Korea and the Middle East,” he commented.
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