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Indonesian producer cuts PP, PE prices

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 15/08/2016 (13:48)
A converter reported that an Indonesian producer lowered their list prices for PP and PE as of today compared to their most recent levels.

The producer decreased their prices by IDR70,000/ton ($5/ton) for LLDPE film, by IDR130,000/ton ($10/ton) LLDPE injection, by IDR400,000/ton ($30/ton) for HDPE film, by IDR390,000/ton ($29/ton) for HDPE pipe while also lowering their prices by IDR850,000/ton ($64/ton) for PP film, by IDR540,000/ton ($41/ton) PP raffia and injection, by IDR570,000/ton ($43/ton) for BOPP and by IDR670,000/ton ($51/ton) for PP coating compared with their most recent list prices revealed on 11th of August.

The producer’s PP prices currently stand at IDR15,980,000/ton ($1219/ton) for raffia and injection IDR16,570,000/ton ($1264/ton) for PP film, IDR15,900,000/ton ($1213/ton) for BOPP and at IDR16,140,000/ton ($1231/ton) for coating, all on an FD Jabodetabek, Indonesia, cash basis.

For PE, the producer’s prices stand at IDR16,690,000/ton ($1273/ton) for LLDPE c4 film, IDR18,370,000/ton ($1401/ton) for LLDPE injection, IDR15,740,000/ton ($1200/ton) for HDPE film and at IDR16,730,000/ton ($1276/ton) for HDPE pipe (PE100) with the same terms.
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