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Indonesian producer issues upward revisions on local PP

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 15/08/2017 (10:29)
A Jakarta-based trader reported that a an Indonesian producer applied further increases on its local PP prices as of today after raising its prices by IDR260,000/ton-270,000/ton ($19-20/ton) yesterday. Meanwhile, the producer’s PE offers remained unchanged from their most recent levels.

The producer increased its homo-PP raffia, PP block copolymer and PP random copolymer offers further by IDR130,000/ton ($10/ton) while homo-PP film, homo-PP injection and BOPP prices rose IDR140,000/ton ($11/ton).

The producer’s new PP prices currently stand at IDR16,830,000/ton ($1255/ton) for homo-PP raffia, at IDR17,170,000/ton ($1281/ton) for homo-PP injection, at IDR17,320,000/ton ($1292/ton) for homo-PP film, at IDR17,260,000/ton ($1288/ton) for BOPP, at IDR16,980,000/ton ($1267/ton) for PPBC injection and at IDR19,520,000/ton ($1456/ton) for PPRC injection, all on FD Indonesia, cash basis.

For PE, the producer’s offers are currently reported at IDR16,110,000/ton ($1202/ton) for LLDPE c4 film, at IDR18,120,000/ton ($1352/ton) for LLDPE c4 injection, at IDR16,310,000/ton ($1217/ton) for HDPE film and at IDR17,180,000/ton ($1282/ton) for HDPE pipe, with the same terms.
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