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Indonesian producer raises PP, keeps PE prices unchanged

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 20/07/2016 (16:17)
A local producer in Indonesia reported that they revised their list prices for PP up as of today while keeping their PE prices unchanged compared to their most recent levels.

The producer raised their prices for PP film and BOPP by IDR130,000/ton ($9/ton) while also increasing their PP raffia, injection and coating prices by 270,000IDR/ton ($20/ton). For PE, the producer kept its prices stable compared with their most recent list prices.

The producer’s PP prices currently stand at IDR17,400,000/ton ($1326/ton) for raffia and injection IDR17,810,000/ton ($1357/ton) for PP film, IDR17,130,000/ton ($1305/ton) for BOPP and at IDR17,470,000/ton ($1331/ton) for coating, all on an FD Jabodetabek, Indonesia, cash basis.

For PE, the producer’s prices stand at IDR16,740,000/ton ($1275/ton) for LLDPE c4 film, IDR18,630,000/ton ($1420/ton) for LLDPE injection, IDR16,400,000/ton ($1250/ton) for HDPE film and at IDR17,360,000/ton ($1323/ton) for HDPE pipe (PE100) with the same terms.
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