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Ineos launches carrier ships to transport US ethane to Europe

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 14/07/2015 (14:55)
According to market sources, Ineos is expected to officially launch two ships that will be used to export ethane gas from the US into Europe. The company aims to reduce feedstock costs at its European steam crackers through the use of US ethane as feedstock. Each ship has a capacity to carry 27,500 cubic meters of ethane gas. The company is planning to carry 800,000 cubic meters per year of ethane between the two continents.

The first shipment will take place later this year and will carry ethane gas to Ineos’ cracker in Rafnes, Norway. Ineos is aiming to expand the feedstock options for its plants in Europe in order to take advantage of the low prices for ethane gas in the US stemming from significant supply growth in the last five years.
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