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Kenya bans plastic bags

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 24/08/2017 (10:04)
According to media sources, Kenya’s ban on plastic bags will take effect on Monday, August 28, 2017. Kenya’s ministry of environment had initially announced the ban on the manufacture and use of plastic bags to protect the environment through a Gazette Notice dated February 28.

The government is now offering its citizens various alternatives that include bags made of paper, clothing, canvas and papyrus. It is also recommended to use degradable or reusable shopping bags made of starch, corn or potatoes.

However, the ban on the manufacture, use and importation of plastic bags does not include all plastic bags. It covers mostly shopping bags while polyethylene bags used for industrial primary packaging, where the product is in direct contact with the plastic like in bread, confectionery and sausages, have been exempted from the sanctions. Waste disposal including medical waste and chemicals are also exempted. Duty free shops at the airports will not be affected by the ban.

Regarding concerns over possible job losses, the principal secretary said that this will be counterbalanced by creating new alternatives. The government will also give incentives to those who want to produce alternative packaging materials.
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