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LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports climb 18% in January

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 02/03/2020 (13:03)
According to ChemOrbis Import Statistics, Turkey’s total polymer imports climbed 18% in January both on a monthly and yearly basis to 451,000 tons. This was in line with increased restocking activities of Turkish players as the new year started.

The top polymer exporters to Turkey were Saudi Arabia with 95,568 tons, followed by the USA (38,231 tons), South Korea (35,974 tons), Iran (33,490 tons) and Egypt (22,593 tons) in January.


In January, homo-PP imports spiked 31% on the month, while they rose 15% on the year to 159,000 tons. Among the top 5 suppliers of Turkey, Saudi Arabia ranked the first for another month with 49,646 tons, followed by Egypt (17,232 tons), South Korea (12,820 tons), Israel (10,853 tons) and Greece (8,434 tons).


For PP copolymer, Turkey’s January imports gained more than 3% on month while they spiked 26% on year to 24,000 tons. Saudi Arabia took over South Korea’s place and became the top supplier with 8,434 tons, followed by South Korea with 5,490 tons.


Imports for LLDPE rose 26% on a monthly basis to 63,000 tons in January. The yearly increase was much larger at 50%, meanwhile. The USA became Turkey’s top supplier with 25,514 tons followed by Saudi Arabia (19,985 tons) and Iran (6,451 tons).

Meanwhile, Turkey’s January mLLDPE imports skyrocketed by 75% both on a monthly and yearly basis to reach 7,000 tons. The Netherlands took over the UAE’s place and ranked Turkey’s top supplier with 2,626 tons, followed by the UAE (1,287 tons).


January imports for LDPE were up nearly 22% on the month and 27% on the year to 28,000 tons. Saudi Arabia was the largest exporter of Turkey with 4,109 tons, followed by the USA (2,924 tons) and France (2,865 tons).


Imports for HDPE in January jumped 40% from December to 59,000 tons. They also pointed to a 20% hike from a year earlier. Iran stood on the top of the list with 15,244 tons, taking over Saudi Arabia’s place. It was followed by Saudi Arabia with 14,922 tons and the USA (7,676 tons).


Turkey’s January PVC imports were unchanged month over month at 63,000 tons. The figure climbed about 19% year-on-year, meanwhile. Top suppliers of Turkey were France, Mexico and the UK with respective volumes of 11,957 tons, 6,538 tons and 6,371 tons.


Turkey imported 9,000 tons of PS in January, sharply up by 42% on the month but declined 23% on the year. Belgium remained the top exporter with 4,985 tons.


ABS imports in January were increased by 22% on month and year to 11,000 tons. South Korea remained the top supplier with 7,399 tons.


In January, Turkey’s EPS imports dropped 10% from the previous month and 27.5% year-on-year to 1,843 tons. Taiwan was Turkey’s top import supplier with 663 tons.


Meanwhile, Turkey’s January imports for PET bottle lost 5% month over month but rose 18% on a yearly basis 5,716 tons. India was the top exporter of Turkey with 2,346 tons.

PET textile imports in January skyrocketed 77% on the month and 88% on the year to 11,000 tons. Malaysia was Turkey’s top exporter with 3,234 tons.

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