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LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports down on month, year in February

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 29/03/2019 (14:59)
According to ChemOrbis Import Statistics, Turkey’s total polymer imports edged down by 1.3% in February on a monthly basis to around 375,000 tons. They slumped by 12.7% on a yearly basis.

The top polymer exporters to Turkey were Saudi Arabia with 86,410 tons, followed by Korea (38,907 tons), Egypt (23,670 tons), the USA (21,873tons) and Belgium (18,407 tons) in the second month of 2019.

In February, homo-PP imports declined by 5.7% to 130,000 tons compared to January. They were down by 6.4% from the same month of 2018. Saudi Arabia remained as the top homo-PP exporter in February with 50,417 tons, followed by Egypt (17,256 tons), South Korea (16,475 tons), India (8,483 tons) and Israel (8,079 tons).

For PP copolymer, Turkey’s February imports were up by 21% on the month but down by 11.5% on the year to 19,000 tons. Saudi Arabia became the top supplier with 6,336 tons, followed by South Korea (4,647 tons).

Imports for LLDPE were down by 12% both on the month and year to around 37,000 tons in February. Saudi Arabia was the top supplier of Turkey with 14,578 tons, followed by the USA (10,039 tons). In the meantime, Turkey’s February mLLDPE imports plunged by 25% on the month and from the same month of 2018 to 3,000 tons. The UAE was the top supplier with 891 tons, followed by the USA (727 tons).

Imports for LDPE were up by 4.5% on a monthly basis but dived by 29% on a yearly basis to 23,000 tons. Turkey’s top supplier was Azerbaijan with 3,975 tons, followed by Israeli (2,962 tons) and Portugal (2,269 tons).

Imports for HDPE in February decreased by 6% to 46,000 tons on the month, while they declined by almost 21% from a year earlier. Saudi Arabia was the top exporter of Turkey with 12,664 tons, followed by Iran (8,077 tons) and South Korea (4,681 tons).

Turkey’s February PVC imports gained 5.6% from a month earlier at around 56,000 tons, but plunged by almost 21% on a yearly basis. Top suppliers of Turkey were France, the USA and Mexico with respective volumes of 11,962 tons, 7,348 tons and 6,261 tons.

Regarding styrenics, Turkey imported 12,132 tons of PS in February, slightly up by 3.4% on the month and by 2.6% on the year. Belgium remained the top exporter with 6,221 tons.

ABS imports in February plummeted by 22% on the month and 30% on the year to 7,000 tons. South Korea remained the top supplier with 4,562 tons.

In February, Turkey’s EPS imports plunged by 17% from January 2019 and by 68% from February 2018 to 2,117 tons. Austria became Turkey’s top supplier with 644 tons.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s February imports for PET bottle were down by around 4% month over month whereas they gained 4.3% on a yearly basis at 4,647 tons. Omani was the top exporter of Turkey with 2,025 tons.

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