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LATEST NEWS: Turkey’s total polymer imports up on month and year in April

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 31/05/2019 (15:04)
According to ChemOrbis Import Statistics, Turkey’s total polymer imports increased by 11% in April on a monthly basis to around 441,000 tons. They were also up by 7% on a yearly basis.

The top polymer exporters to Turkey were Saudi Arabia with 92,533 tons, followed by Korea (59,702 tons), Egypt (32,839 tons), the USA (28,233 tons) and Iran (21,519 tons) in the fourth month of 2019.


In April, homo-PP imports gained around 6.5% to 146,000 tons compared to March. They were also up by 6% from the same month of 2018. Saudi Arabia remained as the top homo-PP exporter in April with 51,411 tons, followed by Egypt (21,480 tons), South Korea (21,443 tons), India (8,443 tons), Israel (7,389 tons) and Greece (6,102 tons).


For PP copolymer, Turkey’s April imports were up by 23% both on the month and year at 32,000 tons. South Korea overtook Saudi Arabia’s place and became the top supplier with 11,141 tons, followed by Saudi Arabia (8,093 tons).


Imports for LLDPE were flat at around 51,000 tons in April on a monthly basis, while they climbed by more than 18% year-on-year. Saudi Arabia was the top supplier of Turkey with 16,592 tons, followed by the USA (14,046 tons).

Turkey’s April mLLDPE imports spiked by 25% on the month but plunged by 17% from the same month of 2018 to 5,000 tons. The USA became the top supplier with 2,073 tons, followed by Spain (1,164 tons).


April imports for LDPE erased the monthly gain of 4% recorded in March and came in at 23,000 tons. The figure was up by 9.5% on the year, however. Turkey’s top supplier was Azerbaijan for another month with 4,871 tons, followed by Spain (3,037 tons) and Saudi Arabia (2,885   tons).


Imports for HDPE in April were unchanged from March volume at 49,000 tons, while they lost 7.5% from a year earlier. Saudi Arabia remained the top exporter of Turkey with 12,251 tons, followed by Iran (7,997 tons) and the USA (6,166 tons).


Turkey’s April PVC imports jumped by 35% from a month earlier and by 17% year-on-year to around 54,000 tons. Top suppliers of Turkey were France, Egypt and South Korea with respective volumes of 11,687 tons, 6,644 tons and 5,464 tons.


Turkey imported 14,256 tons of PS in April, up by 9% on the month. The figure was down by 7% on the year, meanwhile. Belgium remained the top exporter with 6,700 tons.


ABS imports in April surged by 22% on the month but dropped by 8% on the year to 11,000 tons. South Korea remained the top supplier with 7,584 tons.


In April, Turkey’s EPS imports spiked 50% on the month but plunged by 60% from April 2018 to 3,385 tons. Austria remained Turkey’s top supplier with 1,265 tons.


Meanwhile, Turkey’s April imports for PET bottle skyrocketed by 230% month over month and climbed by 29% on a yearly basis to 14,023 tons. Pakistan remained the top exporter of Turkey 4,462 tons.

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