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List of products to be exempt from duty in 2015 revealed for Turkey

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 21/11/2014 (09:53)
PAGEV, the Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation, and PAGDER, Turkey’s Plastic Industrialists Association, announced that some polymers will be exempt from duty in 2015, as a result of their studies conducted in cooperation with Turkey’s Ministry of Labor. In a statement emailed to the members of both foundations, the names and specifications of duty-free products have been revealed as a list. The raw materials highlighted in red will be duty-free only between the dates of January 1 and June 30, 2015 while the others are reported to be exempt from duty for five years. In addition, it is stated that the aforementioned list will be effective as of its publication in the Official Gazette on January 1,2015.

In this list, the customs tariff codes for LLDPE, homo-PP, PS and PVC products are included. However, all of these polymers for standard applications will not benefit from the duty-exemption. There are two important requirements to be eligible for duty suspension:

1.   These polymers should meet the mentioned specifications, proved by technical reports and studies.

2.   These polymers with mentioned specifications should be produced neither locally nor in the European Union.

Turkish converters will be able to make duty-free imports from third countries provided that they meet the above two requirements.

There is also an application for tariff quotation. In some cases, Turkish plastics converters’ needed raw material is produced either locally or in the EU but they are not able to meet their full requirements from either of these two regions because supply is not enough to fulfill their demand. Therefore, they have to turn to other countries, which are subject to 6.5% duty. If Turkish converters can prove that their competitiveness is hurt in international markets, the government can sometimes apply yearly tariff quotations.

In line with this explanation, a recent cabinet decision regarding the tariff quotas on PP imports has been published in the Official Gazette dated November 20, 2014. According to the decision, a quota for 10,000 tons of homo PP imports will be allocated in 2015. Even though the decision is applicable for the tariff code that belong to standard homo PP, it will only cover the homo PP products including the four specific features mentioned in the table. However, a source from Boykan Customs Consultancy points out that the Ministry of Labor shall publish a new statement regarding who will benefit from this decision as well as how and to what extent.
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