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Malaysian recycle producer announces FOB prices for Sept

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 24/08/2016 (14:22)
A Malaysian recycle producer has announced its September 2016 prices on an FOB Malaysia basis. The new prices are as follows:

LDPE black film AG grade is at $782/ton while LDPE mixed color UK/black is at $756/ton. LDPE black non film grade is at $641/ton. LDPE film grade N A is at $1051/ton while LDPE film grade N 1 is at $1012/ton and LDPE film grade N 2 is at $974/ton.

For LLDPE, black from AG film grade is at $782/ton while natural film grade is at $1038/ton and black film grade is at $859/ton.

HDPE natural (film, pipe) is at $974/ton while white (film) is at $807/ton and black (pipe) is at $884/ton. HDPE mixed color film grade and regrind HDPE blue color drum are at $859/ton.

PP red, blue, green and yellow and PP black/mixed color grade are at $807/ton and black glossy MFI 17/2.16kg is at $910/ton. PP black inject grade (MRP) is at $756/ton and natural/white grade MFI 11/2.16 kg is at $833/ton.

For PVC, powder pipe grade-grey color is at $679/ton.

For styrenics, HIPS is at $1192/ton for natural, $910/ton for blue and at $807/ton for black. ABS is offered at $1012/ton for milky and at $884/ton for black.
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