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Mid-month PVC announcements come higher in Egypt

by ChemOrbis Editorial Team -
  • 17/03/2015 (14:41)
In Egypt, local PVC producers EPC and TCI Sanmar issued increases on their offer levels for the latter part of March today.

A source from EPC reported issuing EGP200/ton ($26/ton) hikes on their prices at EGP8000/ton ($1049/ton) for k67-68 and at EGP8150/ton ($1069/ton) for k70 on an ex-Alexandria, cash inc VAT basis. “Our increase decision came in line with globally increasing PVC prices and tight supplies out of the US. At the moment, we still hold stocks, but due to our shutdown, which may last until mid-April, our availability is limited and we are only able to deliver limited quotas. Meanwhile, we see good demand for our cargoes,” he added.

On another note, the other local PVC producer TCI Sanmar also lifted their prices by EGP250/ton ($33/ton) to EGP8850/ton ($1055/ton without VAT) on ex-Port Said, cash inc VAT basis.

A source from the company said, “Given the firming PVC sentiment, we issued increases on our prices. At the moment, we hold sufficient quota amounts to deliver without any disruption to both our local and export destinations.”
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